February 9, 2013

Possible Novella and Another Chapter Outlined

As promised, since the Ravens won the SuperBowl, here is just a little bit more about my writing....

Last year when the Giants won, I posted the first draft of the first chapter I'd ever written for The Kalvel ChroniclesVolume 1, A Climb of Chaos. In the year since, the overall 'what happens' in that chapter remains the same, but I added more to it. Not for the sake of length, mind (I don't do that) but to flesh out characters more, and establish more of a mood and setting. It is currently much different, and much better.
Now, this year, since the Ravens won, I'm going to share a bit more with you. Nope, not a sample chapter but a bit more insight and look at the book.
I'd recently outline and written (but still needs to be revised, I don't want to lose what was sin my head) the Interlogue for Vol. 2. I'd have this in my head for a while now, and finally got around to writing it down. It takes place a couple hundred years before Volume 1 begins. It is a 'flashback interlude' which is very important to the series, and of course, the final volume.
That aside, I'm trying something for the series. It was an idea I had, but decided not to put it in initially. Now that I think on it after a while, I decided, 'hey, I'll try it. If it doesn't fit or work with the series, or a book, no big deal. That means that I'll write a novella about...what it is I have in mind.' Should that happen, it would be more of a 'history' or 'legend'. Like reading something on Wikipedia type of approach. To not be vague, but give enough of a hint, all I'm going to say is "Imagine if the origins of human evolution stemmed from something else...?" Still humans, just a different race / origins. (these guys won't replace any 'regular' humans but will inhabit the same world) 
I'm going to write the 'history' and see where it takes me. I've got a summary paragraph down already outlining who and what they are.
I expect to get a ton more writing done starting this weekend and going for the next two weeks as I'll be on 'vacation'.

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