February 17, 2013

Coming Soon...

Ah, the movie trailer....this post will examine movie previews!

One of the coolest parts of going to the movies, is what previews you'll get to see beforehand. I myself enjoy movie trailers so that I 'discover' movies. Sure, film is a hobby of mine and I generally know what's coming out when. Mainly the big gorilla blockbuster movies.

They are more informative than a movie poster, offering a glance of movie footage, the 'look' of the film, and what the story will be about. However, trailers can make or break a film.

Most often with comedies, usually the funniest or best parts are in the preview. So when you go see the movie, you're watching for that spot. Some bad movies can have good previews also. And yes, some good movies can offer some bad previews.

So why the term 'trailer'? Well, because you have the film, car commercials, Coke commercials etc...and the movie previews 'trail' before the film begins.

I generally avoid movie trailers for films I know I'm going to see. I'm going to see Star Trek Into Darkness in May. I know I will. The studios and all that don't need to convince me to see it. I saw the first film, and enjoyed it enough to want 'more'. I want to go in and see that film (and others) spoiler free. I'll refrain from looking at pictures etc. All I need is the poster, and release date. Of course, it can be hard to avoid. If you go and see The Hobbit and there's a trailer for Iron Man 3, well....not much you can do. At the most, I'll only watch  one movie preview - typically the first, as it gives nothing away.  

For drama and Oscar-y movies though, I'll check out the preview as I usually don't know about those films in advance. They seem to pop up out of nowhere.

So how do you feel about trailers - do you like to catch a glimpse of some footage, or do you like to just walk into a movie (The Hobbit: Part 2) without seeing anything and enjoy it all fresh?

Here are some cool previews, no matter the quality of the film itself. Good previews indeed:

 Superman Returns - disappointing film, great preview. The John Williams score, and Marlon Brando voiceover from the original film with the 'new' works well here. Bryan Singer should have just re-made the original Superman instead of giving a 'sort of a sequel but not really'.

Star Wars Episode II. For the most part, all you hear is Darth Vader's breathing, accompanied by quick flashes of the film, revealing nothing of the plot of the film. 

Star Wars Episode III - so much cool stuff in this preview...our first glimpse of the film. Obi-Wan telling Luke about Darth Vader. THe Emperor...with a lightsaber? o.O Anakin vs Obi-Wan?!

It's Spider-Man 3! Ya, but we all know how that turned out....

What's next for Lord of the Rings? Whether you read the book, or on;y saw the first film at that point (and liked it) this preview gave you chills way back when.

Watchmen. Those who read the graphic novel know what's going on, while non-readers were left...intrigued. Great graphic novel by the way, regardless of what you thought of the film.

The Dark Knight....Meet, the Joker.....

Casino Royale. We get a look at a different type of Bond....

Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Everything a horror movie trailer should be.

Inception. What. Is. This. Movie. About?

Star Trek. They're making the Enterprise!!

There are tons more out there, but those are some of my favorite trailers. 

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