January 13, 2015

New Editions of The Wheel of Time - *Final Update* (Book 14)

Well, we're here at the end. I have the info for the final Wheel of Time book in trade paperback. 

The info for A Memory of Light is:
ISBN - 10: 0765337851
ISBN - 13: 9780765337856

The release date will be Oct. 27, 2015.

And of course, the details have been added to the 'main' list here: 

So That's it! This series of blog posts is now complete.

If you're looking to get an attractive set of the books, you can do so by visiting the link and using the ISBN info provided to ensure everything matches.

Since that this is the end for The Wheel of Time, let me direct you to Brandon Sanderson's series: Stormlight.

This series looks to be the 'next' Wheel of Time.

The first book, The Way of Kings, is already out in the same format as The Wheel of Time (which has taken me about three years to blog about!)

The info for The Way of Kings:
ISBN - 10: 0765376679
ISBN - 13: 9780765376671 .

To keep the tradition alive, I will tell you when Book 2, Words of Radiance, gets release info in the identical format. 

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