January 7, 2015

"Mid" Season??

One thing that I find strange in regards to TV shows is the (recent?) trend of having a 'mid' season finale.


When you buy the show, and when it gets uploaded to Netflix, etc it's the entire thing in one shot usually, not in 'parts' as it airs on TV. Mid season applicable shows usually take a break in Dec. before Christmas and return in January.

But why does this happen? I myself would much rather see fewer episodes in a season, but have more seasons. I first noticed this trend with The Walking Dead, back when I watched it. The show would start airing in Oct usually, 'break' in Dec then return in Feb. I don't understand why they can't have shorter, but more, seasons and call the last episode before a show goes on break the 'season' finale, and start a new season when it airs again in Feb.

And why do shows go on break for Christmas? Some series such as Dr Who and Downton Abbey air episodes on Christmas Day itself. Those shows, as well as some others like Game of Thrones (or pretty much anything on HBO, AMC, etc.) have shorter seasons. 

I'm looking at the list of episodes for Bones, for example, and it says that its current season is Season 10, each with about 20 episodes per season, approx. I would much rather see 20 shorter seasons, with about 10-15 episodes per season (and for those that buy shows, the episode box sets would be a lot cheaper than they are now).

In general, I find waiting a whole week for one episode silly, and usually (but not always) wait for a season to end before watching it.

What are your thoughts?? 

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