January 19, 2015

feBREWary 2015

Well, it's that time for year again - Beau's has announced their feBREWary 2015 lineup!

Details, links etc. herein.... 

Here are the beers! 

Week 1 – OG: Original Gruit

Jan 29th - Feb 4th
Tea-like and herbal, gruits are beers brewed with herbs and spices in lieu of hops. This centuries-old brewing style was recently named one of the Top-10 Culinary Trends of 2015! Beau's marksInternational Gruit Day on Febrewary 1st with this brand-new recipe of organic yarrow, hand-harvest bog myrtle, and wild Labrador tea.

Week 2 – Farm Table: Mild Ale

Feb 5th - Feb 11th
This classic British style is an easy-drinkin’ amiable brown ale. Full-flavoured with pleasantly fruity aromas, notes of caramel and gentle hops, and a clean finish. History has shown Mild Ales to be the perfect reward for hard work, so go shovel your driveway (again) and then grab yourself a Farm Table Mild Ale… you’ve earned it.

Week 3 – Strong Patrick (Irish Red Ale)

Feb 12th - Feb 18th
No holds are barred with Strong Patrick Irish Red in the ring: a luscious, red-hued ale with a malty backbone, showcasing toasty and toffee notes complemented by some warming alcohol & whiskey flavours. Part of the batch has been aged in whiskey barrels, contributing subtle wood & vanilla nuances. It’s O’Hara Certified!

Week 4 – Le Coeur Noir (Black IPA)

Feb 19th - Feb 25th
From the darkest corners of the Beau’s brewhouse comes Cœur Noir Black IPA, a hop-forward obsidian-coloured brew that pulses with citrusy, resinous aromas. This robust ale offers complex intensity, and the ample malt backbone is balanced by assertive bitterness.

Week 5 – ?? ??????????

Feb 26th - Mar 4th
B-Side Brewing Label is like a record label, for beer. It’s been more than a year since the world-renowned Kissmeyer Beer was signed to the label, and Artist #2 will not disappoint! The identity of this exciting new B-Side Artist Brewery and their new-for-Ontario creation will be announced the week of Febrewary 26.

The beers will be available at the brewery, through BYBO, and at certain pubs, etc found here:


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