June 21, 2014

Ottawa Rib Fest

Thursday (Thorsday, for all ye vikings out there) the rib fest began, and will end on Sunday - tomorrow! So get out there and have some meat!
Pretty much the entire Sparks Street is dedicated to the festival. And, as one of the platters is aptly, named it's a vegetarian's nightmare.
Ribs. Chicken. Brisket. Pulled pork. I was looking for Boss Hogs, who are said to be the best at the fest. However, I must have came in at the wrong side. Unable to find them, I went with a half rack from Sticky Fingers, and a pulled pork sandwich from Crabby's.
That definitely did it for me. I had a Propeller beer when I got in to wash it all down with. I would like to return but am unsure if I can make it out. Maybe this time some ribs and chicken...
While waiting to meet up with people, I went to Chapters which was a mistake...because I found another author / series of interest to me.
Joe Abercrombie.
He begins with The Blade Itself.... I am hoping to getting some more writing done this weekend, not counting blog posts. 

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