June 25, 2014

That New Car Smell

"Ain't she beautiful?" 

That is the vehicle I would wish to have. The four doors and five passengers will be great because someday I wish to have kids, so it'll be a great 'family' vehicle. That, and I don't want to 'climb down' into a car - I want to step up into my mount.Plus, for youngsters the space inside will be great (trunk, leg room, etc.)

The Cherokee also has 4X2 and 4X4 options, making me feel safer while driving for 5+ hours in Canadain winter weather. I know - the tires are important, but the power of the engine, 'wheel drives' and height will make me more confident when driving. 

I have my eye on the 'North 4X2' model at the moment...but it'll be a couple years before owning a vehicle will happen, but if I were to get one right now, this would be it. I may end up getting the 2016 or 2017 model, but now I have a good idea on what I want. 

There are more pictures below. What do you think??

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