June 14, 2014

"Fire and Blood" Red Ale

I blogged about this a while ago. But, now I finally got some my self. 

I've been checking the LCBO's web site often to see if locations carried Ommegang's "Fire and Blood" Red Ale...which is the third Game of Thrones beer. I haven't tried it yet but am looking forward to it. 

I live in Canada, so getting a hold of American craft beer has been a bit tricky, especially since it's Game of Thrones

Named after the motto of House Targaryen, Fire and Blood is inspired by Daenerys Targaryen and her three dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. To celebrate the rebirth of dragons, three different labels were created by the Game of Thrones visual effects specialists, each depicting one of Daenerys' feared dragons.

If you live in Ontario, check to see if they have it HERE: http://www.lcbo.ca/lcbo-ear/lcbo/product/details.do?language=EN&itemNumber=381947

For those who live in Ottawa : Go to 275 Rideau St or 222 Richmond Road. As you can see above, there are three labels (all the same beer) featuring each of Daenary's (no, not "Khaleesi") dragons.

Next up for their Game of Thrones beer is "Valar Morghulis"


Valar Morghulis is an Old Valyrian saying closely associated with the desire for vengeance. A Belgian-style Dubbel was chosen to capture the sweetness of revenge as well as the dangerous consequences that come with it.

That one will be out in the Fall sometime.

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