June 10, 2014


Initial Thoughts before E3:
For a video gamer, the best time of the year is coming up - E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). I see it as the Comic-Con for video games.
I'm sure XBOX and Playstation will show off some great titles; (who is winning that war, by the way? I think the winner is PS4 but nothing by a landslide by any means) but I'm interested and focused on Nintendo. So what would I like to see from Big N? A few things actually...
- The Legend of Zelda U . Remember that demo you showed us with Link fighting that monster, then again in the dark? Yeah...I want my game to look like that - adult Link, and 'realism' graphics. I don't want you to go changing your game now, Nintendo - remember the Space World demo? And no half cel shaded, half 'real'. Go full real. Also, no 'gimmicks' - no wolves, no bgiant birds. Just a 'basic' Zelda game in execution. Of course, new items, control scheme etc... but let's not make this Zelda too advacned, shall we?
- Mario Kart 8 Expansion Packs. Yes, that's right exapnsion pack. As in 'you need this game, to use THIS content.' Nintendo could do it as dlc or a physical copy (or both). There is so much potential for more characters and tracks. The course packs could be base don system, or theme. Like, all the Rainbow Roads. All the ghost houses. All the raceways. And the way some classic tracks get souped up for Mario Kart 8 was quite well done. You wouldn't have known by look that these courses were from another older title. Think on that Nintendo - expand on Mario Kart 8.
- Smash Bros. U . Just a little bit more info. We know we're getting the game this year, but things like a proper title, and just generally more info on the game.
- Star Fox . Another Star Fox like Star Fox 64. The space flying style. Of course, if there are land missions etc and things on planets, but I wanna fly a ship dammit.
- More titles from the Gamecube on the wii u. Great example would be Paper Mario. A Paper Mario title on this system would be great - whether it's a new game, or the one on the Gamecube re-done for wii u. Other gems on the Cube could shine on the wii u as well.
- Perhaps another Mario game? I mean Mario 3D World 2, or New Mario Bros. U 2 or something of the sort.
- anything new with the hardware. Be it Nintendo talking about future software updates, talk about how the system is doing and what you plan on doing with it.
- of course, surprises.
I'm looking forward to seeing what Nintendo will do and show, but I have my fingers crossed for a few things. I would love to see the wii u lean more in the direction of SNES, or the Nintendo 64, and less in the direction of the wii. 

I'm sure there is much better coverage than this blog on the event on the internet, so I urge you to check out gameplay videos, other articles etc. 

- Wow, Zelda looks great! couldn't be happier! It's like a cel-shaded Skyrim, and there doesn't appear to be any new 'elements' (wolf mode, etc..) The game is coming next year, apparantly and has no title yet.

- "Mario Maker" - that looks just plain cool. I'll be sure to have lots of fun with this.

- Hyrule Warriors - I'll most likely get this in Sept as physical. 

- Star Fox - I Hear there's a Star Fox game...? Sweet!

- Smash Bros U - Looking forward but I'm not really keen on that 'action figure' thing....it better not be mandatory.
- the other surprises...well, there was a few of them, so I mentioned, others I hadn't had time to 'digest' yet. For the most, and as far as I can tell, Nintendo definitely did a sweet E3 this year. Bring on the games! I'll do another post shortly about Legend of Zelda U. 

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