June 11, 2014

Coming in a Month - Three Decades Aged

I myself cannot believe that in a month from now (July 11) I will be thirty years old. 

I don't feel it.

I feel like '25' seems a bit more appropriate. There are some things I wanted to accomplish by the time I'm 30, but they've been pushed back a couple years.

Also, there's Kalvel. I would like to finish writing Volume I in August of 2016 but we'll see if that happens. There's a few other things here and there...places to go, etc.

So how will I be celebrating? Nothing fancy. I don't have anything planned, that's up to friends / family etc but there are some things I would like to do.

For the 'family celebration dinner' I would like BBQ for supper. Not fussy as to 'what' but something nice and yummy, and summer-y. Beer can chicken, ribs.... with potatoes and perhaps a salad. And beer to drink.

Speaking of beer, I really like:

- Mill St (pretty much anything, but I haven't tried the summer seasonal sampler yet...)

- Beau's (Kismeyer Nordic Pale Ale (my favourite beer), Lug Tread Lager, Festivale, or Tom Green Milk Stout).
- Muskoka (Mad Tom IPA, Detour IPA, Craft Lager and Cream Ale)

For my close friends, I will be headed out to British Pub for supper and beers. Most like a few beers. It is my birthday, and I will be turning 30, but I'm not planning on having 'a few too many'.

Now what do I want?

Well, I'm not "asking" for anythng. Within the past year and a bit I sort of began to stop that. But I will say that when the back to schools specials hit, I will get a new desktop PC (I'm eyeing Alineware but keeping my options open. I will most like go for them.). Anything else I list, is basically my next purchases. If I were to win the lottery (like, say, $500) I would get some of the following next:


- I'm really digging the look of the leatherbound ('hardcover') Canterbury Classics by Thunder Bay Press. Titles I would love to get are: The Divine Comedy, Edgar Allan Poe (Collected Works), Bulfinch's Mythology (this one isn't out yet and is a pre-order), War and Peace, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Other Stories, Iliad & Odyssey. I would start by buying Sherlock Holmes first.

- Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
- Red Rising by Pierce Brown
- Art of the Hobbit


- Tangled (2D)
- Castle in the Sky
- True Detective  (Season One)


- itunes gift card. As I mentioned awhile back, I've pretty much stopped buying CDs in favour of getting music through itunes. On a gift-giving aspect, I say 'itunes gift card' so I can pick and choose music off my list.
-I mentioned beer early in the post, so no need to repeat myself here. Those who know me, know what I like. I shop at Chapters, Futureshop, Eddie Bauer, The Bay & American Eagle mostly.

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