January 28, 2013

My Thanks to 10 000 Pageviews

As a thank you, I'm going to reveal quite a bit about my novel, from a series of questions I found online and have been using as I write... *because it's still early and I want things to be kept 'under guard', I won't go too detailed, but here's a look at the worldbuilding.


Are the laws of nature and physics actually different in this world, or are they the same as in real life? The same How does magic fit in? Very minimal . How do magical beasts fit in? Only 'wildlife' (dragon, things one would find in the 'wild' of various assortment. Others too!)

Is this generally an earth-like world? Is it an “alternate Earth”? Earth-like / alternate earth

Are there different human races, whether or not there are non-humans like elves or dwarves? Only humans, but perhaps different 'types' (we have Asians,etc..) How does the cultural and ethnic diversity of this world compare to the real world? Very similar to middle-ages, of various cultures. A blended mix of pre-gun powder from the Roman era up to 1200s. Some cultures may be blended or a tad...different to create new ones.  

How long have there been people on this world? Did they evolve, or did they migrate from somewhere/when else? Around 3000 years is a good estimate. Always been there, not going into 'creatism'. 

II. Physical and Historical Features


In which geographical areas will the story take place? All over the place! Forests, mountains.. How much ground will the story cover? Haven't worked it out yet...between the many character sin the volumes, quite a bit!  What are the most

Climate and Geography

Have human activities affected climate, landscape, etc. in various regions? How? (Example: Sahara Desert growth has been increased by over-farming.) Not significantly so. Doesn't impact the story / world, but yes.

World History

How far back are there records or tales of historical events? How widely known are these stories? about 2500 years...has to be some years without records!

How similar is the history and culture of an alternate earth to real history and culture? Why is it similar/different? Essentially, it's the middle-ages but with dragons and other beasts.

Rules of Magic

What things can magic not do? What are the limits to magical power? How do magicians try to get around these limits? Magic is very...subtle / ritualistic. You won't find fireballs, lightning or such 'extremes' here. It's also so uncommon to the point of being a story, rumor or myth.

Is there a difference between miracles and magic? If so, how are they distinguished? Perhaps there is some truth to the tales of old....

Can the ability to do magic be lost? If so, how — overdoing it, “burning out,” brain damage due to fever or a blow, etc.? may not be applicable to my books....very good question I had to post, whether or not it applies ;)

Can the ability to work magic be taken away? If so, how and by whom? (Traditional example: certain spells that can only be worked by virgins; raping such a witch robbed her of her powers.) *see above*

Magic and Technology

Are there magical means of transportation (teleport spells, magic carpets, dragon-riding)? How do they compare in speed, safety and expense to non-magical means? Are there any drawbacks to magical travel (for example, teleport sickness)? How commonly are they used, and for what purposes (industrial shipping vs. travel for fun)? teleportation in some shape or form may be used....

Are magical weapons available? Can magic be used in warfare? In what ways? Are spells fast enough to be useful in hand-to-hand combat, or is magic more of a siege weapon, used only for long, slow things? Now that's entirely possible, isn't it?

Miscellaneous Magic Questions

Are there magical artifacts (rings, swords, etc.)? If so, who makes them and how? Are the spells permanent, or do they wear off after a while? There are legends and myths about powerful artifacts, mysterious and mystical artifacts...

Are magicians a force in politics, or are they above it? Are there national politics that revolve around magic/wizards (i.e., trying to outlaw, protect, or promote certain kinds of magic, trying to draft wizards into a ruler’s army, licensing of magicians, etc.)? Do wizards have a lobby? Do they need one? Perhaps like the Church...

Waging War

What major weapons of war are available (e.g., siege towers, catapults, cannon, A-bombs)? catapults, trebuchets, ballistas, siege towers...

Are there professional soldiers/mercenaries? Is a career in the army possible, or would you have to become a mercenary or sell-sword in order to make a living as a soldier? Does the army accept volunteers, or only draftees?  Yes, yes possible in the army, accepts volunteers if they're fit enough to fit, faction depending.

 That's about all I can give right now...

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