January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

2012 was a great year for me. I got renewed at work, went on my own vacation and flew for the first time. My novel, A Climb of Chaos, has gotten some significant development. Fleshing out, writing and crafting the book, as well as the series, will take time, energy and effort. My blog here has been an outlook to share some of my life, as well as provide an outlet of creativity to keep me writing and thinking when I'm not in Kalvel. 

Also, I am no longer single. Well, I haven't been as of recently; yet that's still an accomplishment this year of sorts. I found love (or rather it found me) and things are just going so well. 

On the reading side of things, I believe I read about 11 books, not including comics / graphic novels, which has included a few series: A Song of Ice and Fire, The Hunger Games, Millennium (official title of Stieg Larrson's trilogy) and now The Wheel of Time.This year, 2013, I'll meet my goal!

Santa Claus was also generous and dropped a load under the tree. In this post I've included some pictures of what; not everything. Everybody loved what I gave them; which is always an awesome feeling. Myself, I got:

various house accessories (a toaster, a kettle, oven mitts, measuring spoons and cups, 50 piece flatware set...I'm sure there's others)

cookie jar (with cookies in it)

2 CDs (Battle Born by the Killers and Skyfall score)

Lands of Ice and Fire and Hobbit playing cards from my girlfriend (I gave her some wine and The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell...she's a big fan of Arthur / Merlin / Camelot mythology)

candy & chocolates
  Chapters gift card (will be put towards: A Memory of Light, The Winds of Winter, Century Book 3, Dagger and Coin book 4 (3 is ordered already), or Stormlight book 2)

Eddie Bauer down throw 

A case for my Kobo mini

Mill St. Barley Wine

some money (which I will put towards IKEA CD tower, bookcase, a desk and some Game of Thrones direwolf bookends.

And that's all I can recall at the moment...without making this post too long or making myself sound greedy or braggy - just sharing of some what Igot this year Most importantly, I got a white Christmas with family and friends. My girlfriend was out of town for the holidays with her family, so I'll see her this Friday when she gets back. 

                                                              So what about 2013? 

My resolutions are:

write at least 250 words per day, everyday

decrease my facebook usage by more than half.

I would love to move out / get my own place (as evident by my gifts from this Christmas and other previous gifts)

'Rise' in the field of work

Read 15 books 

make significant progress with my novel.

That is what I would like to accomplish by 2013. What would you like to do??

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