January 6, 2013

Century Trilogy book 3 gets a title

Wow, I got e-mails form George R.R. Martin and Ken Follett in the same day!!
George wanted to wish me a happy new year, and Ken did as well, with some news:

" Dear Jeffrey,

Happy New Year! I hope that it will be a peaceful, prosperous and rewarding one.

Thank you for your wonderful response to Fall of Giants and Winter of the World. I'm delighted that so many readers have thought them engrossing stories that have also provided some insight into the great events of the first half of the 20th century.

I am hard at work on the third novel in the 'Century' trilogy, Edge of Eternity. This will follow the descendants of the five families through the Cold War and into the end of the century. I expect this to be published toward the end of 2014. "

Looking forward to that book for sure!! Many thanks to Ken and George both for taking the time to write me!  


Unknown said...

THE END OF 2014?! I just finished World Without End, not realizing the third one hasn't been written yet.

Oh, man. It's gonna be a long year.

Anonymous said...

just finished the first two, and I thought that the third one was already written. They were so engrossing that I couldn't stop reading. When is the 3rd one coming out? Is it the end of 2014? If it is it will be a very long year and 1/2.