January 2, 2013

A Year of Fantasy

There appears to be quite a few fantasy books coming out this year.

No, not The Winds of Winter (yet...I'm betting 2014 for that one though if it's this year, sweet). There is a host of other novels coming up throughout the year - as well as ones I hadn't heard of yet, or ones that may arrive sooner than later.

I guess it makes sense to have a look at it as the calendar falls.

On January 8, The Wheel of Time reaches its end. Many fans of the series have been wait-ing...a real-ly....long...time....for....this.....one. 
I myself get the series in paperback, so that means I've got to wait untill December of this year, or next January. Hey, it's ok - I'm on book 2. 

Next, in Feb is the release of Stephen King's Dark Tower 'interquel', book 4.5, The Wind Through the Keyhole. It's arriving in the form I have the rest of the series in. What's an interquel, you ask? Well, obviously a 'sequel' is the next of something. Star Wars came out in '77. Empire Strikes Back came out in '80, and takes place storywise, after that film. Return of the Jedi concluded the trilogy in '83. A prequel, is a movie or book that takes place before the original story, but was created after the original. An interquel is the same thing - it was created after the main story ends, but storywise, occurs during it, not before (prequel) or after (sequel).

In the spring sometime, as far as I know, the third and final book in Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller will be out, titled Doors of Stone.

In May, is Daniel Abraham's third book out of five in his Dagger and Coin series, The Tyrant's Law. 

Also in May is J.R.R. Tolkien's new book, The Fall of Arthur, his translation of an Arthurian tale, told in verse.  

In the fall is Stormlight book 2 by Bandon Sanderson. It is 'expected' in October, and has no title yet, nor cover image. I get this series in paperback also, but it's worth mentioning here for those who have The Way of Kings in hardcover.

Beyond that, there's been no date for Bernard Cornwell's next Saxon Stories novel, the third and final book of Ken Follett's Century trilogy is expected in 2014.

As of now, that's how things are looking for upcoming books in the fantasy / historical fiction field. I'm sure quite a few will come up between now and year's end, and some from this list may get pushed to 2014.

I'll keep you posted, even though you may know before I do!   

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