February 14, 2018

Thoughts on "The Fellowship of the Ring" Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl

Given that we are close to a month until The Fellowship of the Ring arrives on vinyl LP (and is re-issued on CD, and potentially debuts on iTunes and Google Play, as well), I've taken some time to mull over a few things.

Now, first of all, I want to address how glad and excited I am for this release. This post, and my thoughts within are in now way a slight against those involved, if it seems that way.

With that out of the way, let me get started.

Were in charge or had a say in designing or (re)releasing the soundtrack, here's what I would do:

- make the entire trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King) available the exact same day. Heck, if it's not too much trouble (nor too high a price tag, nor too "impractical" (too much vinyl or what not)) make a trilogy set. This theoretical trilogy set could even include a copy of the book The Music of the Lord of the Rings. I'd rather wait a tad longer for the whole thing at once, then have it sooner and wait a year for each. 

- offer different formats and 'levels.' It's great that the soundtrack is coming to both vinyl and (reissued) on CD, however I've noticed some special package options available when it comes to other specialty releases that comes as special...deluxe...boxed sets for both CDs and vinyls (just look at the website superdeluxeedition to see what I mean!) 

There could be, for each film:
~ 3 CD
~ 3CD + DVD
~ 3CD + blu-ray
~ 3CD + blu-ray & DVD
~'supreme' offering of 3CD + blu-ray & DVD, with LP vinyl

And, for a "trilogy set"

~ 10 CD
~ 10 CD + 3 DVD
~ 10 CD + 3 blu-ray
~ 10 CD + 3 blu-ray & 3 DVD
~ 'supreme, deluxe offering' of 10 CD, 3 blu-ray, 3 DVD all the LPs, and a copy of The Music of the Lord of the Rings book (with (or instead of?) the liner notes). This could also have the 'Rarities Archive' on both CD and vinyl (I say this because the Rarities Archive comes packaged with the book)
Oh, and maybe include some 'download codes' to get the iTunes or Google Play equal (should they exist)

I understand that it probably costs a ton of money to offer so many different packages, this is just thinking out in an ideal, cost-is-not-an-issue scenario. I like to sometimes imagine different or various packaging options whenever something is coming out.

So those are some of my thoughts! What would you like to see done differently with the vinyl release of the soundtrack??

Again, I'm not saying anything negative about this, nor the people involved, I'm just voicing my internal thoughts aloud in the off-chance they get heard by someone in the industry :) 

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