April 28, 2016

Writing Update

Guess what? I’m back at the writing!

The other night I wasn’t planning on doing any, and I churned out a page after a quick format check of all my documents. It seems that the manuscript submission guidleines have either changed, or become slightly less strict in the past few years. I like to adhere to those as I write, that way I won’t have to worry about formatting later on.

I’m going to try and get more in from time to time, but I take that ‘random spout’ as a good sign. You can’t rush or force this. Sometimes it just comes, and other times, you just aren’t in the mood to sit at the computer. I’m also in the progress of migrating from my old main pc to my new main PC. It’ll take a little bit before it’s entirely back, but I’m up and running now.

All of my book titles are 'as of now.' I'd like to to use them, and explore what they could mean, or how to tie into my work. This may go against writing, in that you write first, and have your book title near the end, but I sort of had some titles first, then developed its meaning or a plot point about it. I have a general idea on my story, but sometimes a title can help the story out. For example, both "The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Return of the Shadow" both work because they hint at what happens, or what "The Lord of the Rings" Part 1 is about.

It looks like I may still be able to make my Oct. deadline. Not for Volume I, but for the short story I’m working on.

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