December 21, 2014

Getting the Fantasy Movie Fix

As you saw; either in theaters or courtesy of my latest blog post, The Hobbit trilogy is finished. Peter Jackson's Middle-earth film saga has concluded.

There are still some things to look forward to, at least on my end of things - the extended edition trilogy on blu-ray, a possible Complete Recordings of The Hobbit... but it seems I am nearing the end of my fantasy movie fix.

There's no real telling of when we'll get the fourth Narnia film, The Silver Chair, but the Narnia chronicles are more light hearted than the Peter Jackson films.

I do, however, see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Enter Warcraft. 

The film, due out in March 2016, is based on the very first PC game, Warcraft. I have played that game, Warcraft II, a bit of Warcraft III, and about a year and half worth of World of Warcraft. That sounds like a lot on paper, but really, I am pretty much unfamiliar with the mythos.

I am quite interested and hopeful about the forthcoming film. I believe that if it is well-done, it can fill the 'hole' some of us my be feeling now that The Hobbit has finished. Also, assuming that the extended edition for Part 3 arrives November at the latest (and my box set), that leaves us with a few months to wait. And if David Fincher made an awesome movie about Facebook, I have faith that Duncan Jones can make a great film based on a video game. It's high-time there was a movie based on a video game that's actually good.

And so, Warcraft will be my next 'hugely anticipated' film. I am looking forward to others, such as Marvel films, and Mockingjay: Part 2 (as of now) but Warcraft will be the next one I follow closely...without watching too much footage. I'll see the first trailer or two, but I do not want to 'ruin' the film.

Before I close, you can choose two sides for marketing, promoting etc. : 

I chose Alliance. Generally, I prefer being 'human' in multi-species games etc. Also, sure the film will tell the tale of both the Alliance and Horde, it seems that the Horde are 'invaders' but I am sure there is more to it than that.

And here's some of the cast....

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