March 13, 2014

The Lost Lore by George R.R. Martin

The following information is based on this blog post by George R.R. Martin:
It seems that in this post George tells us quite a bit about what will most likely be a post Ice and Fire publication, but details the history and Houses long before Book One, A Game of Thrones, begins. I also consider Tales of Dunk and Egg to be a part of the 'Lost Lore' (not officially 'lost' but it has a cool sound to it. So cool, in fact, my own history will be titled The Lost Lore)
Anyway here's what we've learnt:

- The 'GRRMarillion' has a new official title: "Fire and Blood".
- since the blog post is about the Rogues anthology, George mentions that the "Fire and Blood" release will see a longer version of "The Rogue Prince", and will be more like a novelette rather than a novella (neither version is as long as "The Princess and the Queen", the shorter version of that appearing in Dangerous Women.)
- "...much of the ancient history of Westeros will be covered in THE WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE. Each of the seven kingdoms gets its own detailed history."
...and for those wondering about Book Six, The Winds of Winter..well, George has two monkeys on his back as of now: "High Stakes" (Wild Cards?) and 'Son of Kong' (his way to referring to The Winds of Winter indirectly). That, with both Bantam and Harper Voyager feeling confident in a 2015 release of the book, it seems to be getting closer to being completed and as a BOOK.
Then again, Rogues is coming out earlier and until that post, we didn't know George had a story for it! never know. My guess of November 2014 - Feb 2015 could be accurate! 
And don't worry about the HBO series bypassing the books: I can see it going as few as 7 seasons, as many as 9. We'll have to see, but it looks like George is back on track and working hard.
Keep it up!  
Bottom line: when George wants to / needs to, he can put the pedal to the medal (look at what he clunked out for The Princess and the Queen.)

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