March 2, 2014

"Remember when...?"

I'm a big fan of movies and 'cinema' though I don't blog about it often. I'm dedicating a post to 'Memorable Movie Moments'.

Thank to YouTube, and its uploaders, I'm going to share some of my favorite movie moments with you. Grab some popcorn and enjoy. Also, what are your favorite scenes? I may do a part 2 someday.....

I love the way The Two Towers opens. "We've seen this before...why are they showing us again? Ohhh....."

Who could forget this sequence by Hitchcok's potentially best film, North by Northwest?

See what happens when James Bond gets captured in Goldfinger

Misquoted, but for entertainment value. See the memorable sequence from Apollo 13

One of the more recent visually stimulating scenes comes from Ang Lee's, Life of Pi

Unforgettable scene from Spartacus

Being on his good side isn't much better than being on his bad side... [Goodfellas]

Reassuring, yet dangerous.... [The Godfather

Would hate to be that mirror in Taxi Driver... 

We see how large Jaws really is....

Part 2 to follow....So many choices!

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