March 23, 2014

Book Review: "Crossroads of Twilight" (Wheel of Time book 10)

At long last, I've finished reading Wheel of Time book 10. 

This is the worst in the series so far. Many fans have stated this, and reader have given up at the point. It could have been because the book was awaited, then yet another wait for the next book. Had I been 'following' the series at the time of release, I may have been frustrated moreso.

But, why isn't it that good?

Because nothing happens. There are a few plot developments, and advancements from the previous book(s), but nothing advances to the point of 'new direction'. There is no action. A few interesting bits here and there. The main thing, is that there is a difference between 'nothing happening' and 'plot and character development'. That, and it's all Aes Sedai soap opera. From about Book 6 onwards, I've come to find them the antagonists of the story, because I dislike them so much, not because they are the actual villains of the story (though some are).

Robert Jordan has great ideas and an imagination, but this series is showing the same signs of long-running network TV shows with no end in sight. Perhaps his story would have been better told in a different medium? 

I will continue to the read the series to it's end to find how it all ends, but this entry was the low point so far for me. I've been told that Book 11 is better, and the last few are quite good. But why so many books to tell this tale? I'll be sure to let you know once I reach series' end.

I'm glad I didn't have to wait for this book, nor wait for the next. I give this book my lowest score yet to a Wheel of Time book :


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