December 29, 2013

Movie Review: "Catching Fire"

Here is my long-promised review of Catching Fire.

I saw Catching Fire early December but am only now getting to do my write-up.

I saw and enjoyed the first film in the series, The Hunger Games. The film quite was quite good, and the film did it justice. 

The second of four movies (Mockingjay will be a two-part finale ala Deathly Hallows) is no exception, using the established mythos of the first film to get the ball rolling. I won't review the story here, but all the surviving characters return. Jennifer Lawrence continues to awe and shine as Katniss, the lead of the whole saga. The graphics and visuals seemed to have improved, and the sound is quite good. I swear you'll have the Capitol theme in your head for a while after watching. 

Like the book, the movie has a few twists and turns to keep you interested and wonder what's really going down. There are also some added scenes which were hinted at from the book which we didn't read about in the book.  

They changed the mockingjay seen in the news reel (by that I mean removed) and Katniss and Plutarch's 'watch conversation' has been altered.

All in all, Catching Fire is a worthy follow up of The Hunger Games (much like the book) with right amount of story and action where neccessary.

Bring on Mockingjay (Part 1)


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