December 31, 2013

Book Review: "Winter's Heart" (Wheel of Time book 9)

My final read of 2013...just in time! Read for another Wheel of Time review.

This felt like more of a transitional book. Lots with the Seanchan - interesting but irrelevant to the overall series tho..? From what I hear, this and 10 are the 'worst' of the series as things 'continue' to occur or are developing. 

There was a big game-changing surprise at the end, which I was not expecting. It changes the Wheel of Time mythos, and will be interesting to see where the series heads because of that. However, after said event, the book ends. I'm interested enough to keep reading til the end.

3/5 (Goodreads doesn't allow for 'half stars', but I'd definitely give this one a 3.5 . But... 3/5 it is for realsies) 

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