December 2, 2013

Book Review: "Path of Daggers" (Wheel of Time book 8)

What follows is my review of Wheel of Time book 8.....

The plot moves forward! Due to the size of the series, and some of the books, some portions of the story, namely books, feel faster than others. The series is still well written and enjoyable, but around the time of book 4 or 5, it went from a style of fantasy we had in Books 1 and 2 to something a little...different. Would have been nice if it was more consistent.

But anyway! Things from the previous book(s) were resolved, while moving the story forward and hinting us at things to come.

Robert Jordan was a good writer. Some of his books just needed some trimming and editing though. Again, once I close book 14, the finale, I may change my opinion, but this series may have been able to run for as few as six books, or as many as nine. Again, we shall see.

The Seanchan aren't really 'essential' to the plot (yet?) but reading about their side was cool. Not sure what part they'll play in the end of the overall series, but if it's minor, perhaps Jordan could have cut them out of Wheel of Time, and given them their own 'spinoff' story, or series.

Onto book 9!  But book 8 gets a solid


It had its ups and downs, but it resolved a few story elements, while lettings us know what the next book(s) will be about...hopefully it won't take long to get there.

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