January 31, 2013


When there's a movie coming out that I really want to see, I try and avoid seeing any previews or images, and keeping the experience 'fresh' and not being 'spoiled'. However, curiosity is one of man's traits.....

January 29, 2013

Trying to be Original. Does it Exist?

One of the challenges I’m faced with writing my book series creating something ‘new’, or having a different approach to the genre I’m contributing to.

January 28, 2013

My Thanks to 10 000 Pageviews

As a thank you, I'm going to reveal quite a bit about my novel, from a series of questions I found online and have been using as I write... *because it's still early and I want things to be kept 'under guard', I won't go too detailed, but here's a look at the worldbuilding.

January 27, 2013


There is a series of books I intend to look into due to a building interest, and recommendations.

January 24, 2013

The Winds of a Canadian Winter

I live in Canada, also known as “The Great White North”. In my province (not state), we get various weather throughout the year, with occasional ‘spikes’, possibly due to global warming. The summer is usually +20 - +30 celsius (not farenheit), and with the mugginess of humidity, it can feel worse. As if you’re trying to breathe something solid instead of air. Typically, that’s end of July and August.

In the winter though, it usually gets between -15- -25. And then there’s the wind chill. When it’s windy out, it can feel a lot colder, as the winter breeze can pierce through worse than any sharp object. That’s the very worse, but if one dresses proper, it’s not that bad. And not for all of Canada, just where I live (and other places close by).

This week, however, can make one feel as if they’re living in the Arctic. In a small town in Ontario, I saw that the temperature was about -32, with a wind chill making it feel as if it’s -45. I believe in the Arctic, they have winds approx 50 – 120 hm/h. (instead of m/ph)

I can’t help but be reminded of some areas in A Song of Ice and Fire – Winterfell, and well, anywhere further North. Dressing up extra warm, venturing out and seeing snow and ice; as well as evergreens. I made some funny posts via social media with my friends – an image of Ned Stark, with my caption of “…well, he *did* warn us…”

This week is an odd, “freak” week for the weather, as something nasty has come down from the Arctic (The Lands of Always Winter?) No, it doesn’t bring the Others with it. Next week, it’s supposed to get back to ‘normal’ weather. When I write next, I’ll do a little more about the frozen wastes, as nature has served as a kind of reminder. I've been wearing my jeans, a long sleeved t-shirt, a fleece hoodie, my winter jacket (akin to a snowboarder's one), my toque, mitts, my hoodie hood pulled over my toque, and my jacket hood pulled up over that.

In a future post, my ‘thank you’ (which I promised when I hit 10 000 pageviews) will be a video of me talking about my book, and series. I want to tell you so much, but I don’t want to give anything away or ruin surprises. Look for that on or by Tuesday.

Enjoy these winter-y images....

January 22, 2013

I Know It's Early....

...but this would make a fantastic Birthday gift:


Color prints are 13” X 19”—$65.00 per print plus shipping. Pay by check or Paypal. 

You know, in case any readers are feeling generous.... my next post, I'll be giving you something. 

January 21, 2013

January 20, 2013

Ravens - AFC Champions

The Ravens have won the AFC, and are headed to the Superbowl! I'll be cheering for them and hoping that they win the big game. Even if they lose, they had a great overall season, and the AFC win is the icing on the cake. Good going guys, but it ain't over yet....

Book (Re)Review: “The Great Hunt” (Wheel of Time Book 2)

Here is my book (re)review of The Great Hunt….

January 16, 2013

Return of NHL Hockey

After a hell of a lockout (in the bad way, it was crazy) to the surprise of many, myself included, NHL hockey will return. It seems that most games begin on the 19th, but it varies team by team if I'm not mistaken.

Being an Ottawa Citizen, my first team is the Senators. I also like a few other, such as the Flyers, Bruins and Oilers. Of course, come playoff mode, I pick my favorite match-up, should the Sens not get far. 

I will not go into the politics of the lockout, just glad that hockey is back! I'm not 'advanced' enough to follow the stats, just playoff time with who is leading. I watch regular season games too, but I watch more during the playoffs, as it has more intensity.

So enjoy the game!!

January 15, 2013

10 000

Wow. I hit a milestone. Since I began this blog, I've had over 10 000 pageviews (currently at 10107). Thank you all for visiting and reading what I have to say. I'm doing this blog for me...but I must acknowledge and thank those for visiting. I was not expecting to reach 10 000 (or more). Needless to say, a future blog post in the very near feature will offer a special thank you. 
Now that NHL hockey will soon be back, and my beloved Ravens have made NFL playoffs, there will be a few more sports-posts.

January 13, 2013

tout sauf un week-end misérable

Wow, what a weekend it's been! Friday night, my girlfriend got to meet my parents. My poor sweetie was nervous the whole week about meeting them. Fear of awkwardness, fear of someone not liking else etc...but it turned out great! Everybody likes everyone. It means a lot to me that it turned out well. 

We had appetizers at downtown, and survived leaving, as it was freezing raining. By that time of the night, the rainfall from the day had froze, and the water on top made walking slippery and treacherous.

After we parted ways for the night, my girlfriend and I went back to her place where her sister and cousin got some of their friends together and we played a card game (I forget the name) and drank. Following that was bed time.

In the morning, she had to work so it was up 'early'. I passed some time out on my own for a bit - grabbed a coffee and treat at Starbucks, book-browsed (and read a few bits and pieces of one or two) at Chapters. I was there for a little over an hour. I then headed to FutureShop to browse, as i like seeing the newest tech, checking out what's new on blu-ray. 

A friend and I had decided to meet up and see Les Miserables. WOW. What an awesome movie. I prefer watching musicals on the stage vs as a'movie'. a previous musical film that I enjoyed was Chicago and (it's older but still good) West Side Story

With Les Miserables, I know that there's a book....but the film isn't based on it. In 1980, it became a stage musical production, which was 'based' or 'influenced' by the book, and the film is based on the 1980 musical, rather than the novel. 

With that out the way, the story was really good, the production was fantastic, and the sound, costumes, and other technical aspects were great too. The acting and singing was without a doubt the highlight of the film. The words, emotion, voice and acting for the songs was so good, I must admit I was in tears for a good chunk of the movie. There were many sad moments, either due to the story and lyrics in songs, but it was so....powerful. 

After that, I met up with my girlfriend, her sister and her cousin and we went to Wild Wing for supper. It was second time there, and I enjoyed it again. The trick is, to get a chicken wing with bone, and unique flavoring. Last time I had a maple one, this time I had farmer's daughter, which was not too spicy and slightly jerked. I could feel the spice when I had about 2 left though.

After supper, we went to see The Hobbit. It was my second time, but none of them had seen the film. It was really good the second time also, and my girlfriend loved it. She read The Silmarillion in 8th grade. I still haven't read it, and probably won't all the way through because I don't see it as a novel, but more of an extra appendix / history from Lord of the Rings. My friend's sister had her birthday celebration later that night at 11, but we were so tired we couldn't make it out. Got back to my girlfriend's place for the second night in a row, had a drink, then it was off to bed.

Now I'm here! catching up on e-mail, doing a bit of reading, internet browsing and other things. 

A really great weekend, and I was kept on the go (but not rushed or hurried) indeed!

January 10, 2013

Oscar Nominations (2013)

The Oscar nominations are out! The list of nominees, and my thoughts, await!

"A Trilogy in Five Parts"

No, I’m not talking about Hitchhiker’s Guide. Though, I do believe Adams was onto

January 8, 2013

Another Sample from...."The Winds of Winter"

...the same day that The Wheel of Time ends, George R.R. Martin posts this :


George has this to say, from his blog entry announcing this:

"Me, I have a lot more writing to do. On WINDS, and half a dozen other projects."

The End Has Come

Today’s the day. The finale of The Wheel of Time. The publisher has sent out daily
teasers for the past month or so, and here they are compiled here. Spoiler warning, in case.

January 6, 2013

The Man in Black

Attention Stephen King fans, Dark Tower fans, and comic fans... the newest story arc of the Marvel's Dark Tower series will soon be out, or is out already depending on where you get your comics.

Begin the Adventure

In just two days the Final Book of The Wheel of Time, called A Memory of Light is released. The series began in 1990 with this....

Century Trilogy book 3 gets a title

Wow, I got e-mails form George R.R. Martin and Ken Follett in the same day!!
George wanted to wish me a happy new year, and Ken did as well, with some news:

" Dear Jeffrey,

Happy New Year! I hope that it will be a peaceful, prosperous and rewarding one.

Thank you for your wonderful response to Fall of Giants and Winter of the World. I'm delighted that so many readers have thought them engrossing stories that have also provided some insight into the great events of the first half of the 20th century.

I am hard at work on the third novel in the 'Century' trilogy, Edge of Eternity. This will follow the descendants of the five families through the Cold War and into the end of the century. I expect this to be published toward the end of 2014. "

Looking forward to that book for sure!! Many thanks to Ken and George both for taking the time to write me!  

January 3, 2013

Locus' Names The Best

Sci-fi & fantasy giant, Locus, has recently named the best novels of the sci-fi & fantasy (and short story, novellas etc..) of the 20th and (so far, but not sure how 'recent') 21st century. A good deal of them have been nominated, or won, Hugos and / or Nebula awards. I myself am going through the list to see what interests me, and adding it to my Goodreads reading list. See the list(s) : 

January 2, 2013

A Year of Fantasy

There appears to be quite a few fantasy books coming out this year.

No, not The Winds of Winter (yet...I'm betting 2014 for that one though if it's this year, sweet). There is a host of other novels coming up throughout the year - as well as ones I hadn't heard of yet, or ones that may arrive sooner than later.

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

2012 was a great year for me. I got renewed at work, went on my own vacation and flew for the first time. My novel, A Climb of Chaos, has gotten some significant development. Fleshing out, writing and crafting the book, as well as the series, will take time, energy and effort. My blog here has been an outlook to share some of my life, as well as provide an outlet of creativity to keep me writing and thinking when I'm not in Kalvel. 

Also, I am no longer single. Well, I haven't been as of recently; yet that's still an accomplishment this year of sorts. I found love (or rather it found me) and things are just going so well. 

On the reading side of things, I believe I read about 11 books, not including comics / graphic novels, which has included a few series: A Song of Ice and Fire, The Hunger Games, Millennium (official title of Stieg Larrson's trilogy) and now The Wheel of Time.This year, 2013, I'll meet my goal!

Santa Claus was also generous and dropped a load under the tree. In this post I've included some pictures of what; not everything. Everybody loved what I gave them; which is always an awesome feeling. Myself, I got:

various house accessories (a toaster, a kettle, oven mitts, measuring spoons and cups, 50 piece flatware set...I'm sure there's others)

cookie jar (with cookies in it)

2 CDs (Battle Born by the Killers and Skyfall score)

Lands of Ice and Fire and Hobbit playing cards from my girlfriend (I gave her some wine and The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell...she's a big fan of Arthur / Merlin / Camelot mythology)

candy & chocolates
  Chapters gift card (will be put towards: A Memory of Light, The Winds of Winter, Century Book 3, Dagger and Coin book 4 (3 is ordered already), or Stormlight book 2)

Eddie Bauer down throw 

A case for my Kobo mini

Mill St. Barley Wine

some money (which I will put towards IKEA CD tower, bookcase, a desk and some Game of Thrones direwolf bookends.

And that's all I can recall at the moment...without making this post too long or making myself sound greedy or braggy - just sharing of some what Igot this year Most importantly, I got a white Christmas with family and friends. My girlfriend was out of town for the holidays with her family, so I'll see her this Friday when she gets back. 

                                                              So what about 2013? 

My resolutions are:

write at least 250 words per day, everyday

decrease my facebook usage by more than half.

I would love to move out / get my own place (as evident by my gifts from this Christmas and other previous gifts)

'Rise' in the field of work

Read 15 books 

make significant progress with my novel.

That is what I would like to accomplish by 2013. What would you like to do??