December 5, 2012

"The Ice Dragon" by George R.R. Martin

I have a book I can recommend to readers of adventure / fantasy, which may double as a Christmas suggestion. If you liked Narnia, The Hobbit, or other tales as a kid (though not just for kids...), read further for one to check out, that goes with the winter season.

Rather than have me ramble on about the book, I'll provide someone who can do it better. George?

..and sadly (at least in Canada anyway) it's 'sold out' 'unavailable' etc...most likely out of print....however you can still get the ebook edition. This was actually the first ebook I bought. 

On Black Friday, I got myself a gift - a "Kobo Mini". Now I still love books, and will continue to buy books. The little device was on sale...reg price was $79, I snagged it for $49. I've always been curious about ereaders. And I wanted one that was e-reader facebook, no apps...NOTHING. Of course, it had to be good for my eyes too (no glare etc...). The mini is a smaller version of the Kobo Touch. Like I said, I still love books and will buy them....although my physical purchases will decrease by about a third. The Kobo site has some free e books, as does Goodreads

My Kobo is mini indeed, but it is now way 'too small'

So not only do I get a sweet deal, I also go some free ebooks, the ability to upload pdfs to my kobo (great for when I want to read a pdf and not be at my PC and have it my hands comfortably), but I can also get some gems, such as The Ice Dragon, which be out of print.
If you use Kobo, and are interested in The Ice Dragon, you can get (and gift) an e-copy here: 

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