December 10, 2012

Five More For the Year....

The Holidays are coming. I'm off work from Dec. 21 - Jan. 7. During that time will be spend reading (I hope to finish reading The Eye of the World [The Wheel of Time Book 1] by 2013), watch a few Christmas movies, and see some family and friends. This Sunday is the season finale of Dexter. Walking Dead comes back in Feb. Game of Thrones and Mad Men, I'm awaiting their new seasons to begin. 

So I'm what am I going to do lots of? I'm going to write up a storm. 

Earlier today I began 'fleshing out' a province I created in the world where my series will take place. Late last week I came up with the name, where it will be located, and the climate. Earlier today I came up with some wildlife. Some traditional, some fantasy, and some that could be an alternate universe version of some of the animals we have on our planet...or had *wink*.

My 'personal' goal is to have five more chapters written by 2013. As of now, I'd say I'm about 1/4 the first one of those five. I have a few ideas to run with. The time off work will make that a lot easier. During this week and next week aside from 'dabbling' in my world, I'll be setting a kind of writer's schedule - what chapter I intend to write when. This applies to both days of the month (that will not set in stone, though) and a yet-to-be-determined order I'll write in. Example: first I'll polish off a bit of worldbuilding, then write chapter 2 of Character A. Once that's done, I'll do character C, Chapter 1. If random thoughts or ideas come to me, well, I have a separate document for that. 

Should be a fun and interesting next little while in my head on the writing, crafting, and researching side of things. Here's hoping the creative juices flow during time off (or heck, sooner would be welcome too!) and that 'accelerating' Volume 1, and some of the realm, won't be too difficult.

I'll most like have another writer update by year's end. 

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