November 27, 2012

The Fabulous Five

Big news for A Climb of Chaos (Volume One of The Kalvel Chronicles)....

There will be five viewpoint characters in the book. In my cast of characters, I've made decision on who to spotlight (for now) and who will be minor (also for now..this can and will change with each book, though some characters will be consistent.)
 It will be told in third person, and each of the five characters gets their own chapter, which will rotate. So when you read the book, it will go "Character A" then the next chapter will be "Character B" and so on, switching up with five different characters.  Through their eyes, you will meet more characters, who may or may not get their own chapters somewhere through the course of the series. 

Good example: Say you meet up with two friends for coffee, Joe and Sara. If someone were writing about You and what You did when You got home afterwards, it would go 'You'. Then 'Joe' then 'Sara'. Then, back to 'You' for what happens the next day, Joe's afternoon and Sara's evening. 

You'll meet the five characters I've selected for Volume One someday, fear not...

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