November 27, 2012

People's Choice

Award shows. Love 'em or hate 'em. The two I follow and give a darn about the results are the Emmys and the Oscars. However, Voting for something can be fun too. Here are my choices for the People's Choice Awards. Agree or disagree, here is who / what I voted.

Favorite movie: Dark Knight Rises. SO tempted to vote for Avengers. Whedon as much as I love you, Nolan's movies are more....'cinematic'.

Favorite Actor: Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Actress: HOLY CRAP, all of them?!!? After much consideration and looking at the resumes if I had to pick one (which, hey, I do) it'd be Jennifer Lawrence.

Favorite Movie Icon: Maggie Smith.

Favorite Action movie: Avengers. Dark Knight Rises was a superhero DRAMA with action SEQUENCES. Avengers is an action movie through and through.

Favorite Action movie star: Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Face of Heroism: well, it says 'favorite face' and 'heroism' and I think Jennifer Lawrence embodies both.

Favorite Comedy: Ted.

Favorite Drama movie: Argo. the only 'film' of the bunch, the rest are 'flicks' or 'movies'. I mean Argo being the most *cinematic*.

Favorite Drama Movie actor: Liam Nesson.

Favorite Drama Actress: Rachel McAdams

Favorite movie franchise: Well, let's see. The dark Knight franchise is over. The rest aren't. and all three 'Dark Knight' movies were amazing though in different ways so...Dark Knight.

Favorite Movie Superhero : Iron Man. Downey Jr. *made* that role.

Favorite on Screen Chemistry : Emma / Andrew. Envious of Andrew. What, swooning is reserved only for girls?

Favorite Fan Following: Ringers. I'm both Rings and Potter, but I like Rings a few inches more than Potter, and find the fanbase to be the most mature of the nominees. Though I do love the Potter fans and Hunger Games fans teaming up against the Twilight ones...wiat, that was mature, right?

Favorite cable drama: Walking Dead.

Favorite Premium Cable show: Game of Thrones.

Fav Sci-Fi / Fantasy show: Walking Dead

Favorite Comedy TV actor: Ty Burrell. HI-liarious

Favorite Comedy TV actress: Zooey Deschanel

Favorite Late Night Host: Letterman. Was tempted to go with Fallon but Letterman is the champ.

Favorite Male artist: Usher. DO NOT VOTE CHRIS BROWN...HE BEATS WOMEN!!

Favorite Female Artist: Adele. Amazing voice, and size does not matter.

Favorite Hip Hop artist: Flo Rida...damn that Whistle song...

Favorite R&B Artist: Alicia Keys. There is no denying her talent, but Rhianna has both talent and success on her side within the past 5 years. Remember Good Girl Gone Bad?

Favorite Band: Green Day

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