July 2, 2012

A Quick Look on the Fantasy Horizon

Well, there's a few fantasy books I'm waiting for. This quick little update tells what they are, and most like when they'll come.

First of all, love that fan-made, unofficial cover for Ice and Fire Book Six Winds of Winter. I hope something similar is used for the final cover. Anyway, the books I'm awaiting.

Memory of Light (Wheel of Time Book Fourteen) : This will be released Jan. 8, 2013 in hardcover and audio CD. Since I started getting the series around Book Ten (13 years ago?) I'd gotten them all in paperback. You know, cus I want the format and all to match through the series. I'm guessing that the paperback will be out end of 2013 (that same year?) or Jan of 2014. So I have to wait a bit longer. I'm behind on that series anyway. 

Winds of Winter (Book Six of Ice and Fire) : Many people have given George R.R. Martin flack for wait times for Books Four and Five, about 5 years each. Heck, some people (who have been the following series for a while) had to wait *11* years to find out what happens some characters in Book Three, but not Four because of the 'split', to finally catch up with them in Book Five. 'Fans' were complaining over the delays, that the series has gone off the rails...I admit Book four is the weakest (not because of writing but character focus), but I think Book Five was a vast improvement. Some weren't happy even with that. I believe, though, that George R.R. Martin will return with a bang with Book Six. He's been saying that writing Book Six is going a lot easier and quicker than Books Four / Five. So, Book Five came out in hardcover last year, the paperback will be this August...I think in 2014 sometime Winds of Winter will be out. That's just my guess.

Stormlight Book Two :  Brandon Sanderson's second book in his Stormlight archive...he's finishing up the final Wheel of Time, so naturally this come after. I'm predicting this will be out in 2014 in hardcover. I have the first book in paperback and will most likely get the rest in that format, so another year for me.

So it looks like 2014 will be somewhat of a year for fantasy! If my guesses are right... 

PS: (blogs have PS, right?) I did an entry about my faith in George R.R. Martin, and how Winds of Winter is coming along so far not long ago. 

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