April 19, 2012

This and That

Sorry it's taken awhile to post again. Things are a bit busy. Looking for work (first and foremost), re-watching The Tudors, reading, NHL playoffs and doing some editing (more like formatting) for a friend. No, I have not shelved my book. I've pressed 'pause' on it for the next week and a half to two weeks to do said editing. got a few more bits and pieces to add throughout, as well as some slight re-working of the 'Ascension' snippet "pre-editing", and finishing up the next snippet I hope to release soon....
 I'm about 1/5 through the editing project. It's good, because it gives me a chance to look at someone else's work, and see how it 'flows', in terms of story telling and within the text document itself in terms of spacing, etc.

On the hockey side of things, Pittsburg and Philly are having one heck of a round 1, with many goals being scored. I like Crosby on the ice, and his stats (where it counts), but not off. I'm kind of indifferent in regards to LA vs Van now; Sharks vs the Blues; Chicago vs Phoenix. That said, I suppose I'm more of an eastern Conference fan (for this season anyway).

The Ottawa Senators are playing incredible. They're against a strong team, and bth are playing well. Between Ottawa and the Rangers, 'Go Ottawa!' But the Rangers are a good team to lose to, should they not advance. I'm indfferent with Jersey & Florida, but I think I'd pick Jersey. We'll see. Finally, the Bruins are also doing quite well; my 'go to' Team should Ottawa not make it.

That's about it, will keep you updated when I can. Oh, and why the Way of Kings banner? Pushing! It's a book I'm recommending to fantasy fans at the moment. Not into fantasy? Well try...

The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, very likely the next series I'll start collecting. The first book is The Last Kingdom. So check out The Last Kingdom and Way of Kings. Chances are you'll like them. 

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