April 2, 2012

"The North Remembers": Episode Review

Game of Thrones is back with a bang. It is bigger, bolder and better. As mentioned before, I'm reading the book series. March of 2011 saw me finally start reading Game of Thrones, after having it and the subsequent novels for a while. After reading that, I read Clash of Kings, Storm of Swords, Feast For Crows and am now reading Dance With Dragons.

I remember most of what's happened, but not everything. Seeing the HBO adaption of Ice and Fire (HBO uses the name of the first book, Game of Thrones, to name their entire series) is a great refresher. So, what did I think? Well, I was impressed. I can't seem to recall the accuracy of the book, but I do wish the episode opened with Stannis and Melisandre, as the book did. I know it's an adaption but look at how close and well done season one was! Ah well...I can't recall anything missing, though. After all we still have nine episodes to go. I haven't ruined anything yet, nor will I, but I will say that my favorite scene had to be the one with Robb Stark and Jaime Lannister. You'll see why.

So it's pretty faithful so far, and non-readers will find (surviving) old favorites back (though their screen time will vary episode by episode); new faces and new places. The best way to explain it with Lord of the Rings: take Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, and send them off to meet new people (Theoden, Eowyn, Eomer...) and new places (Rohan). This is where the world begins to expand even more. Looking forward to seeing new locales during the opening sequence.

Grade: 9/10

I'll also do a review for the season finale, which will encompass my thoughts of the season, and the episode on it's own

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