January 29, 2012

400+ And a Wishlist

Wow. I had no idea so many people read this blog. I'm definitely grateful to attract so many people of my thoughts of happenings in the entertainment field (sports (hockey & play off football) books, movies, TV music etc..)
Currently, I'm at 400 pageviews and counting. So thank you to readers in Canada, US, Russia, Germany, Belgium...

I planned to post this quick little snippet, but figure I'd combine it with my thank you post for length: an author I follow has a wishlist on amazon for Magic Cards.
I've adopted two methods from authors I like: George R.R. Martin posts about football, so every so often I'll post about sports myself.
Brandon Sanderson, referenced above, has an Amazon wishlist. Well, I've made one myself.

How it works is this: you see my list, and you buy the item online by clicking it on my list, select me as a recieptant etc.. and it gets delivered to me. So it's kind of like an online gift delivery service.
Am I expecting you to buy me anything? No. I am merely posting this so you can see what I would like (for my Birthday, Christmas, random gift, etc..) If someone wishes to buy me something, fantastic! Just another thing I wish to share with my readers, for 'interactive' purposes. The wishlist is on Amazon.ca; and the direct link to it is here: http://www.amazon.ca/registry/wishlist/334OHARFDHZKQ/ref=cm_wl_sb_v?reveal=unpurchased&filter=all&sort=priority&layout=standard&x=12&y=12

I recommend viewing it with the filter as 'Title' (alphabetical listing) or 'Priority' (how badly I want an item). I've also commented on when I would most likely buy the item.

Some highlights on there are: The Help book, Lord of the Rings Symphony CD, the toaster, the knives, Ice & Fire 2013 calendar, Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson, some Porcupine Tree CDs (preferably Fear of a Blank Planet & Nil Recurring), and the Walking Dead comics (ideally I'd like Book 2 as I own book 1 already, hence by book 1 isn't up.). Also, I would like to express my preference that if you buy something in a 'series', I'd like the first or whatever in that series. Such as the case I explained above with Walking Dead, but, for example, if you buy me the Battlestar CDs, I'd prefer to get the earlier ones first, as opposed to the last one.

If my wishlist changes, I'll be sure to let you know, and of course, change it on the Amazon side of things. I doubt I'll add anything, but things may come off as time goes on. The next item I plan to buy off it will be Book 2 of Walking Dead, which will be early April, as I'll be participating in Black March - more on that later...

PS: If you know what the artwork I've attached is, then you'll know how I've oft talked about this item, and that I want it quite badly...

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