January 2, 2020

What I'm Looking Forward to in 2020

Well, here we are already - another New Year! Nay, New Decade!

This post will run through things that I am interested in getting, based on my areas of interest.


- A Secret Vice in paperback. This could be my final Tolkien book, by the time it comes out
- Quidditch Through the Ages illustrated edition. This was announced by Bloomsbury, and should be out in Oct.
- The Winds of Winter by George R.R. Martin. I know I've been saying this since 2013/2014; however based on George's remarks throughout 2019, the book really should be in the final stages by now. At this point, I think I'd prefer multiple smaller books, rather than fewer larger ones.
- a Kobo Forma + Sleepcover. I prefer Kobo over Kindle (not because 'I hate Amazon!' or anything of the sort) because the epub file format, as opposed to mobi, seems to have fewer issues than Amazon's mobi. Look at a book review on Amazon - I bet there's bound to be at least one review commenting how the Kindle version isn't properly formatted. That, and you can upload .PDF onto Kobo. I have a Kobo Mini from 2012, and I think it's time to upgrade - sometime soon. It was a great value at $50 CDN (part of a Black Friday special) though I admit it wasn't my first choice. 

I'm fairly certain that's it for books to get....I'm also curious if any 'new' Tolkien books will get unearthed this year, as well as who the artist will be (and the theme) for the 2021 calendar.


- There isn't anything coming out in 2020 that I know of at this stage that I'm looking forward to getting. While it came out in 2019, I've yet to obtain Highland Park's third and final Viking Legends release: Valfather. That aside, I'm looking forward to anything else by them (Twisted Tattoo 16, or their 18 maybe...?), Kilchoman, Ardbeg, Auchentoshan, and I'm curious about Penderyn.


Again, nothing specific though I'm looking forward to seeing what certain breweries I like will put out.


No titles coming out in 2020 that I know of, that I'm interested in at this point. However, there are some that are already out that I look forward to getting: Delicate Sound of Thunder by Pink Floyd, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. That set, unlike the complete recordings, is not limited edition. And the fact I bought all 3 myself, well, for finance reasons, I'd like to get it as a gift. Or, if I get gifted enough money to cover (most) of the price.


The following films I'm interested in seeing cinemas. I have subscriptions to Netflix, Crave, and Disney+, so I'd like tog et my money's worth out of those.

- Mulan (this is how you do a live-action remake!)
- Ghostbusters: Afterlife (the first trailer for this looks very promising. From the trailer, they seem to have it some vibes from Star Wars: Episode VII. I also quite like that Harold Ramis' character factors into the plot in a big way. Terrific way to honour him and pay tribute)
- Tenet (Christopher Nolan. IMAX. 'nuff said)
- Dune (I'm looking forward to reading at least the first book ahead of the film's release. It should be stunning in IMAX, and I have faith in the director)
- Raya and the Last Dragon (it sounds promising. Based on my impressions on the first trailer, I may wait until it arrives on Disney+)


- The Mandolorian Season 2
- The Clone Wars: Season 7- Westworld Season 3
- The Dragon Prince Season 4 (and maybe Season 5? Depends on release dates)
- Vikings Season 6 [Part B] (what's currently airing on History is the first Part of season 6. Expect it to take a break of (hopefully only) a few months, and end the entire show at some point this year)
- Outlander Season 5 (To make my views 'count', I'll most likely wait for it to arrive on Netflix)

There are other shows that I watch, and look forward to, but in due time. There may be one or that I may be forgetting.

So I think that's pretty much it! I think I've covered all my interests. I'm currently reading The Elder Edda (and will continue to read the rest of Penguin's Legends From the Ancient North 'series'), and afterwards will be The Sagas of Icelanders, and, depending on the calendar (where I'm at in reading), either Dune or The History of Middle-earth. I also plan to read my mythology books. In terms of re-read, I plan to, at some point, re-read Harry Potter 1-7, as well as A Song of Ice and Fire, including Book 6 in the re-read. 

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