January 18, 2019

A Long-Expected Return

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Well, it’s been a while…things have been busy lately. Nothing in particular, but not enough time in a day. Not enough days in a week. Not enough weeks in a month. Not enough months in a year…you know how it is.

Firstly, things are good!

Secondly, what’s new?

Not a whole lot…or rather, not enough to mention here. I suppose the quickest, best and easiest way is for me to break down this post into what areas I enjoy. I should also add that for quick brief updates, and to see what interests me on a somewhat daily basis, to visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/insurrbution/


I’m nearly ready to ‘retire’ from Tolkien Book Buying! Of what currently exists, there isn’t a whole lot that I want to get that I do not already have. I’m also curious to see what publications may come out in relation to the Amazon Middle-earth series. Poster images on the covers of The Lord of the Rings is expected, but who knows what else may come out?

I’m currently reading The Tombs of Atuan, which is book 2 of 6 of the Earthsea Cycle. Before beginning that series, I had read The Dagger and the Coin series by Daniel Abraham. There are some other books I wish to read, however, the day after the final episode of Game of Thrones I’m going to re-read the books from the very beginning. It is my hope that by the time I finish A Dance With Dragons of that reread; that The Winds of Winter will be out – or at least announced. Other books I own that I’m interested in rereading is the Harry Potter series, and His Dark Materials. I also look forward to delving into some of the myths and legends books that I own. That is what is essentially new with books.


As of his writing, I have two episodes remaining of The White Princess, the sequel miniseries to The White Queen mini series. I don’t recall mentioning it, but I have also watched Black Sails in its entirety. I’ve been watching Vikings Season 5 [Part B] as the episodes have been coming out. What follows are the series on my list to watch:


- catch up on Peaky Blinders
- The Last Kingdom (once I've read all the books, and once the show finishes)
- awaiting the next season of The Crown- catching up on Suits- catching up on Ozark- Altered Carbon- The Frankenstein Chronicles- awaiting next season of Into the Badlands


- The Kennedys + After Camelot
- Succession
- continue with Silicon Valley- Star Trek: Discovery (after the seasons end)
- Billions- The Young Pope- House of Lies- continue with Arrow- Counterpart- continue with Homeland- The Wire

- The Americans
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars
(Season 7)
- Star Wars: Resistance (once the season is done)


There’s only a few movies I’m looking forward to this year:

- How to Train Your Dragon 3
- Captain Marvel
- Infinity War 2
- Spider-Man 2

That’s all I can think of, really. There are others I’m interested in seeing, but those ones will be at the cinema.


Got a few good brews for Christmas. I will keep an eye out on the beer market to see what's coming out. Next up on my brewery visit list is Ashton Brewing Company. Next month is Beau's feBREWary. there's a few that look interesting to me - namely that Irish Stout.


I have quite the 'to try' list. I'm expecting Highland Park's Valknut to arrive in LCBOs any time name. This is second of the Legends trilogy that began with Valkyrie, and will finish with Valfather. I also look forward to trying various whiskies by Balvenie, Tomatin, Kilchoman, Ardbeg, and Dalmore.


I've obtained a few more vinyl records, and am hoping to steadily increase the music library. I am hoping that Echoes by Pink Floyd gets remastered and reissued. Aside from that, I am only missing Pulse to complete my Pink Floyd vinyl collection. There are a few others here and there I want to get, though nothing too substantive.

So that's what is pretty much new with me, and what is on the horizon in the next little while ; as far as my interests are concerned.

Stay tuned, hope to write and past more.

* image at top is by David Wyatt

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