October 17, 2018

The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack Trilogy on Vinyl

April - Sept saw the release of the complete recordings on limited edition numbered vinyl. These sets (one for each film) was the entire soundtrack. That campaign is over.

This release, is the 70-80 minute ‘basic’ versions of all 3 films in one set, and doesn’t look to be limited. It looks like it’ll be 2 LPs per movie (totaling 6 for the entire set). You know - the version that comes out close to when the movies were release din cinemas. The ones most people are familiar with. While not the complete recordings, this is great for those who wish to own this music on vinyl, and have missed the complete recordings; due to them being limited and numbered.

On Nov. 30, in a non-limited set, all three soundtracks (the 'basic' 70-80 minute ones) are getting released in a 6LP boxed set. This should work out to 2 LPs per film.

The set can currently be bought from here : https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07J3H7F8B/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=hennethannunr-20&linkId=712f359c49c7ea220ac682c06eb7ca6a&language=en_US .

In one of my posts about The Lord of the Rings vinyl releases, I suggested this as a possible release, and they listened! Or coincidence. I wonder what will be included, by way of booklets, etc inside the package? Will it feature some of the content that appeared in the collector's editions of the original soundtracks? And hey, will they do The Hobbit next....? Either way, it's great that this set will exist - and in a non-limited edition. 

This is the tracklist:

Disc: 1

  1. The Prophecy
  2. Concerning Hobbits
  3. The Shadow Of The Past
  4. The Treason Of Isengard
  5. The Black Rider

Disc: 2

  1. At The Sign Of The Prancing Pony
  2. A Knife In The Dark
  3. Flight To The Ford
  4. Many Meetings
  5. The Council Of Elrond (feat. "Aniron (Theme For Aragorn And Arwen)")

Disc: 3

  1. The Ring Goes South
  2. A Journey In The Dark
  3. The Bridge Of Khazad Dum
  4. Lothlorien (feat. "Lament For Gandalf")
  5. The Great River

Disc: 4

  1. Amon Hen
  2. The Breaking Of The Fellowship (feat. "In Dreams")
  3. May It Be - Enya

Disc: 5

  1. Foundations Of Stone
  2. The Taming Of Smeagol
  3. The Riders Of Rohan
  4. The Passage Of The Marshes
  5. The Uruk-hai

Disc: 6

  1. The King Of The Golden Hall
  2. The Black Gate Is Closed
  3. Evenstar
  4. The White Rider
  5. Treebeard
  6. The Leave Taking

Disc: 7

  1. Helm's Deep
  2. The Forbidden Pool
  3. Breath Of Life
  4. The Hornburg

Disc: 8

  1. Forth Eorlingas
  2. Isengard Unleashed
  3. Samwise The Brave
  4. Gollum's Song - Emiliana Torrini

Disc: 9

  1. A Storm Is Coming
  2. Hope And Memory
  3. Minas Tirith
  4. The White Tree
  5. The Steward Of Gondor
  6. Minas Morgul

Disc: 10

  1. The Ride Of The Rohirrim
  2. Twilight And Shadow
  3. Cirith Ungol
  4. Anduril
  5. Shelob's Lair
  6. Ash And Smoke

Disc: 11

  1. The Fields Of The Pelenor
  2. Hope Fails
  3. The Black Gate Opens
  4. The End Of All Things

Disc: 12

  1. The Return Of The King
  2. The Grey Havens
  3. Into The West - Annie Lennox

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