September 21, 2018

The Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings Now Complete

Today is a big day!
Not only is The Return of the King out on vinyl, CD+blu-ray audio and pretty much every streaming and download source, but this also means that the soundtrack for the entire trilogy is now available across all these mediums!

Hopefully, if interested you managed to get all three vinyl releases, as they are limited edition. However, what can happen in the future on vinyl? Will we get non-limited black LPs of the complete recordings? Will they release the standard editions on vinyl as well, and not limit them?

All three are now out on CD+blu-ray audio. Some of them might be sold out....but worry not, they're not discontinued.

The Fellowship of the Ring: .
The Two Towers: .
The Return of the King: .

Finally, search for them on any digital medium that you happen to use: Spotify (I've made a massive playlist of all three back-to-back, linked below), iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon streaming/download.

Here is my Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings Spotify Playlist:

No matter you listen to this music, I truly hope that you enjoy it, in the definitive release - much like how I (and an entire fanbase) consider the extended editions of the films to be the definitive versions.

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