September 7, 2018

So, What's Next??

The image I've selected above is Didier Graffet's artwork used on a few editions of The Children of Hurin. It also happens to be one of my favourite pieces of Tolkien-related artwork.

Last week, The Fall of Gondolin was published in hardback, ebook, large print and deluxe formats (for those that prefer paperbacks (or collect them, as well) expect it to come out July - September of 2019.) and that title essentially marks the end of new Middle-earth books, as well as possibly new Tolkien books.

Whenever a new Tolkien book (especially if it's Middle-earth related) I usually think: "What will be next? Is this it?" Sure, there will be anniversary editions of existing titles (The Lord of the Rings 70th anniversary edition will likely happen) as well as editions illustrated by artists, but what about the content itself? have we reached the end?

Whether or not there will be new stuff coming on the horizon, my Tolkien book-buying seems to be coming to a close. Here are the remaining titles that I am interested in getting:

- Tolkien Calendar 2019. It's actually on its way now! I usually get the Tolkien calendar - depending on who the artist is. Depending on the artists in the years to come, this could be an annual thing!

- A Secret Vice in paperback. I held off getting this one in hardback for a few reasons:
a) I have On Fairy Stories in paperback, and this would 'match' that one (both are essay / lecture books) b) the book is quite thin, to the point where having a hardback, with a dustjacket, the dustjacket would be larger than the book itself!

- The Lay f Aotrou and Itroun in paperback. Pretty much the same reason as b) above. This book is quite small - about 50 pages shorter than The Story of Kullervo- The Annotated Hobbit (Third Edition / 30th Anniversary Edition) I've already got the previous edition a few years back as a gift. HOWEVER, so it won't be 'money spent' I'm going to save up enough Indigo Plum Points to cover the cost of the book so I essentially get it for free without paying any actual money to get it. That's not me saying "I don't want to pay for this" but rather "I just got this a few years back." Great example of 'you never know what may come...' when it comes to Tolkien. Also, this is the last time that I will 'replace' another one of my own books / copy of a book that I own.

- The History of Middle-earth (3 volume omnibus boxed set). On and off throughout the years, I've always wanted these as hardbacks. The print on demand is an option....but at 13 books (book 13 is the index) and costing 40 pound each, it's quite expensive. This set is more cost effective, as well as space-saving. Once I get this set, I will have all the Middle-earth content in hardback format. This would end my Tolkien Middle-earth Hardback Collection. I will be asking for this as a gift. 

That's it for the printed, physical books. Now for the ones for my ereader:

- The Return of the Ring (Vol. 1 and 2). It'd be great if Tolkien 2005 also existed as an ebook

- Aragorn by Andrea P. Nicholas. What with reports of the Amazon focusing on Aragorn's younger days, this seems like an essential read - both on its own merit, and based on that fact.

- On Eagles's Wings by Ann Thayer

- The Inklings and King Arthur by Sorina Higgins

- The Inklings by Humphrey Carpenter

- There and Back Again by Mark Atherton

- Perilous Realms by Marjorie J. Burns

- The Keys of Middle-earth
There's still some titles left overall (ebook and printed) though my Tolkien buying is coming to its end. Though who knows what could come out in the future?

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