June 17, 2018

Drinking: Tips and Advice

OK, I tend to cover a few comments throughout the course of this blog but wanted to do an overall post about....alcohol! Drinking!

Now I'm a responsible adult, and I indulge in moderation, but frequently, with 'over' indulgences occurring only a few times a year.

That being said, with 'drinking' as a hobby (boy that sounded wrong...) I picked up a few things I wish to share.


- kept it cold (or better yet, cool) as often as you can. Never stick it in the freezer
- store it vertically, especially if it's corked. If it's not corked and you need to lie it down, then stand it vertically twice the length of time it's been horizontal, just so it's not 'shaken' and everything settles
- keep an eye out on the freshness and best before dates.
- As stated before, keep it cool. That means fridge. don't set your fridge (if you have a dedicated beer fridge) too cold. If you can't store it in a fridge, keep it in the coldest spot you can.
- when storing it, keep it out of the sun.


- Never put it in the fridge
- if possible, kept it out the sun
- Never "fill" a wineglass up
...that's all I can think of in regards to the "nos" of wine


- store it vertically
- keep it out of the sun and heat as best as you can (why do you think whisky comes in a box?)
- keep it in the coldest spot (that;s nit the fridge) that you can)
- Do not keep whisky in the fridge
- if you use ice, don't use more than 2 cubes. 1 cube (the smaller the better) for Scotch

That's pretty much it!

I'm not assuming you don't know anything, but this post was designed for anyone 'getting into' drinking various alcohol, and wants to make sure they keep their investment (whether it's $10 or $1000) good and proper. Hey, if we have a question, someone on the internet has an answer.

Above all else - enjoy! Responsibly, of course...

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