May 30, 2018

Long-Awaited Update

Hey all!

So I've finally got a chance to do a big update.

So much has happened over the past bit, I'll do my best to recall events.

First of all, everytime I wanted to do an update post, it seems I've had news of some kind to report on, usually Tolkien related.

I'll go back to April, and remember various things I wanted to address.

In April, I got my Fellowship of the Ring vinyl set. Also, as recently reported, I've also pre-ordered The Two Towers as soon as I saw it was up. I did that post within hours of my pre-order. I'm going to wait until I have all three before I open them and listen to them. From the unboxing videos I've seen on YouTube, as well as actually having the vinyl, It's quite awesome that the design aesthetic of the CD version was replicated. This also looks to be the case for The Two Towers, and most likely for The Return of the King as well (which will most likely be green.). One of my posts today (after this one) will be about me speculating on further Lord of the Rings or Hobbit releases on vinyl.

A few weeks later, I saw Infinity War. It was quite good, and the columination of 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. there will be other MCU films beyond Avengers 4 (which will end the giant arc and conflict with Thanos). I'm looking forward to more, as most of the MCU movies have been pretty good. The weakest, to me, would be Iron Man 2 and 3, possibly The Hulk, and Thor 2 was...decent.

I did a Tolkien recap, though I'm looking forward to a few upcoming releases: both the books from the exhibit in Oxford, as well as The Fall of Gondolin.

OttawaComicCon was pretty good, however I found the panels this year to be lacking (not the Q&A sessions - the panels). There wasn't any anime 101, intro to anime, etc...the guests were pretty decent, and I even asked a few questions: one to Karl Urban, and one to Doug Jones. I picked up a few goodies. I always set a specific budget each year. It's always fun to go: some years are better than others, but it really depends on what you're after and what you want to do at the con. Never go 'just for' one guest, though.

The May Long Weekend was pretty good - didn't get up to much but enjoyed the time off, weather....getting the BBQ and backyard summer-ready.

This past weekend, my lady's sister and her guy came visiting Canada from the US and stayed with us. He has never been to Canada, and enjoyed some of our cuisine (poutine (which, do his accent, he called "pootin" as opposed to poo-teen by pronounciation), maple bacon, a beaver tail, some Canadian craft beer, for starters. He also got to experience some Canadian culture. Mounties are not as in abundance one would think, and I believe that the moose should more associated with Canada than the beaver. We also hit up a few breweries: Dominion City, Stray Dog, and Beau's.

And that brings us to this not too much going on, but wanted to share a few things here and there. 

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