January 2, 2018

Holiday & Winter Update

Hey all,

Another long-awaited update!

Things have been busy - went away for most of the holidays (so there was packing, travelling, merry-making and then travelling back home and more merry-making), finishing up some work, etc.

I had intended to post this before going away, but now it seems that it needs to be posted at the end of the holidays, as opposed to before.

I hope Santa was good to you, and you got lots of goodies plus had some great time with friends and family etc.

Once again, the holidays have come and gone so crazy-fast, I could hardly believe it. I vividly recall typing up my previous blog post - and then the first 2-3 weeks of December just disappeared.

So, some highlights of my haul include:

- PJ Pants
- Mario Kart 7 for 3DS
- assorted booze and beer
- chocolates and sweets
- some books
- much more....

So now that I've finished reminiscing about the holidays, it's time to look forward to this year - 2018 - for what I'm looking forward to in terms of geeky things.....


For as long as I can remember, I always what Tolkien books are coming up in the New Year. So, I shall begin this subject with the same train of thought. Let's start with the items I know will be coming....

- Beren and Luthien in paperback
- The Story of Kullervo in paperback
- Tolkien Calendar 2019 (apparently, it will also be illustrated by Alan Lee. Unconfirmed at this point).
- A Middle-earth Traveler by John Howe
- The Hobbit Facsimile Gift Edition [my guess is it'll contain later / corrected printings of the Facsimile Slipcased First Edition from Sept, plus other goodies in the set as well, though it's too early to tell at this juncture.]

I think that's pretty much it for Tolkien books that I'm aware of. Now for other ones. Some of which are guesses:

- A Column of Fire by Ken Follett in paperback
- A Song of Ice and Fire Book 6 by George R.R. Martin [guess]
- The Book of Dust: Volume 2 by Philip Pullman [guess]
- The Skaar Invasion by Terry Brooks 
- Kingkiller Book 3 by Patrick Rothfuss [guess]
- The Tales of Beedle the Bard Illustrated Edition


This list applies to only intended cinematic viewings only.

- Black Panther
- Infinity War
- Deadpool 2
- Incredibles 2
- Mission Impossible 6

- Ant-Man 2
- Fantastic Beasts: Part 2


So those are some of the geek-y things I'm looking forward to in the coming year! Should be a good one.

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