November 8, 2017

Another Update

Well, I promised you all an update, so here it is!

My lady and I took a one-week trip to Nova Scotia and Quebec City mid to late October. We drove from Ottawa to Quebec City, then Quebec City to Nova Scotia.

We enjoy taking trips, and thought we were due for one. Also, my uncle had a wedding during then. So, the purpose of the trip was for the wedding, although we greatly elaborated on it by doing more sight-seeing and vacationing. Needless to say, we both want to retire to Cape Breton Island [seriously – hop on google images. Or rather…don’t….the less people there the better!]

It was great, great fun – the entire trip. Our Escape performed admirably and kept us going along the way. As did McDonald’s – their coffee, muffins and other things for ‘road travel’ were definitely welcome. Plus, they also have the Monopoly going on, as well. So there’s that.

That aside, “life” has been happening! Hard to believe we already into November. Winter, and Christmas, are coming.

On the reading front: currently reading Exploring the Hobbit at home, as a book. When ‘on-the-go’ it’s The Heritage of Shannara on the e-reader. Will keep you posted about my reading habits following those books.
On the TV front: currently working my way through Ray Donovan Season 3 (I switch between that and Suits, once I finish a season of each.). Looking forward to the final season of Longmire coming next week, as well as The Crown in December.
On the movie front: This weekend is Thor 3, or “Marvel Movie #___”. Looks like it should be good.

The next “big” movie I’m really looking forward to is Fantastic Beasts: Part 2. The key thing is, that I’m “looking forward to” and that I’ll definitely see at the cinema. Sure, I’ll see Justice League and Star Wars: Episode VIII, but on ‘at home formats.’ One has to budget! Though of course there are other films I’ll see before Fantastic Beasts: Part 2 (which is out next November) at the cinema, I’m just really looking forward to what they’re doing with the IP. 

Let me think of what other ground I wish to cover…

Oh yes, video games.

Still not sold, or convinced, of Nintendo and the Switch. Couldn’t get a SNES Classic. Still hard to get amiibo. Sorry, guys – I’m finished now. I’ll keep getting 3DS games that interest me, but following that, my Nintendo support ends when the 3DS ends. Because of that, I won’t give them money for a Switch.

I beat Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Ganon, that is. With all the Divine Beasts, my Ancient Armor fully upgraded, as well as an Ancient Bow and Ancient Arrows…I made short work of him. Plus, Stasis+ does briefly work on him! Not long, but long enough to get a shot in.) Primarily, because a little bit more of the game opens up once you do so (a few more pictures, ‘boss’ tracker, etc..) as well as I believe the upcoming DLC#2 is meant to be played after the main game. So really, it was spoiler prevention, as well as being up-to-date. Sometime in the future I’d like to play it again, from scratch, with both DLC’s already being out to see how it differs.

For quick half hour gaming sessions I’m going through Mario Maker on expert, with the intent of unlocking more amiibo Mushroom characters. I really wish there was a way to filter out some crap courses. It’s a very good concept, Mario Maker – though more could have been done with it; primarily the ability to ‘fill in’ parts of a level with water. Or, choose what music you want to hear when. It’s no biggie, but it’d be neat to hear the different music tracks when playing through different level types. And speaking of Mario Maker, the wii u, etc – farewell, miiverse!! I’ve never really used you, but I enjoyed seeing the drawings, as well as the feedback on my levels that I’ve designed. So to anyone who has played my through my levels and contributed feedback and/or art via miiverse – thank you. My goal with the game was to create ‘faithful’ Mario levels while throwing in a few new elements here and there, primarily in regards to the tools available, as opposed to types of levels.  

I have decent backlog of my some 3Ds and PS4 games. The next games I’d like to get are: Fire Emblem Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, Mario Kart 7, New Mario 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition. I’d also like to add Shadow of War, though the ‘complete’ version. Oh, and there’s the new Secret of Mana.

So that’s pretty much all I have to say….. Or can think of.

I owed an update. I could have done a few blog posts here and there, but, as I said – life!

Oh yes, and I’m working on a book on top of all that I mentioned.  

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