September 19, 2017

Wishful Thinking:"The Hobbit" 80th Anniversary Hardback Illustrated Edition

When The Lord of the Rings 60th Anniversary Illustrated Edition came out a few year's back, I noticed how it was essentially an updated version of the Centenary Edition. I thought it would be neat if The Hobbit and The Silmarillion also got editions to "match."

This post examines how I would like an 80th edition to be presented, and contain with that in mind. Please note, this is all wishful thinking on my part.

- transparent slipcase
- re-scanned paintings
- chalk-white paper
(original text?)
- unjacketed book: the iconic image of Smaug on the front cover, Gandalf leaving the company at Mirkwood on the back cover
- Thror's map as front endpaper [reverse of board] and Map of Wilderland as rear endpaper [reverse of board]
- 1/4 bound burgundy ["spine colourization"]
- dimensions would match the 60th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings illustrated by Alan Lee

I think this would make a great edition, and would match quite well the 60th anniversary illustrated edition of The Lord of the Rings.  

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