September 30, 2017

An Update

Well, that was an enjoyable Tolkien Week, as well as Hobbit Day.
To celebrate, I organized a "Rather Merry Gathering" at the Mill St Ottawa Brewpub on Hobbit Day. I had a few pints of their Portage Ale on draught, and bought their fall mixed pack for take home. I ordered the most hobbit-y item on the menu: the mushroom flatbread. It was great to see everyone, as it's been a few months. I primarily did this, because "The Hobbit" turned 80. If it wasn't a milestone event or Tolkien anniversary - well, the pub still may have happened anyway, for Hobbit Day.
Then, I began reading "The Annotated Hobbit". Next time I open the book, it'll be onto Chapter 4. Following this, I'll dive into Corey Olsen's "Exploring The Hobbit". I'll check out the podcasts (Tolkien Professor, Mythgard and Signum) sometime after I finish the book. That'll be two books off my reading list! (on my Kobo ereader, for travel and commute, I'm currently on The Heritage of Shannara.) I think, after I finish "Exploring The Hobbit", I may delve into some of my mythology books....there's a few options on my bookshelves for me to go for.
I'll close off by saying that if you haven't read The Hobbit, or you need a new copy, or you want to get someone you know into Tolkien, I recommend this edition:…/t…/9780007458424-item.html… . And hey, speaking of Chapters - until Oct 1 they have 5X the plum points, as well as buy 3 get the 4th free.

And speaking of editions of The Hobbit, here are some other great ones, as a brief recap. If you want the most informative edition, opt for The Annotated Hobbit. If you want the most visually appealing, go for the illustrated edition by Jemima Catlin.

If you only want the book, then there’s the paperback editions, the classic hardbacks, as well as special editions. Depending on how much you want to spend, as well as what you want out of the book. All of these “classic” editions feature Tolkien’s artwork (some may contain more, others maybe less, depends on the edition) though they’re similiarily patterned.

But this isn’t a Tolkien or Hobbit themed post. Moving on.

This weekend I hope to get some writing in. Not sure how much, but some for sure. I definitely intend to work on the book. TV watching, it’s been a while since I’ve seen some episodes of
Suits, so I’ll most likely watch one or two. Speaking of TV shows, History has announced when the 10-episode first season of Knightfall is starting: Dec. 6. I was hoping for Oct. 13. Ah well. It looks promising, here’s hoping it turns out to be good. Either way, that and Vikings Season 5 [Part A] will help with The Long Night (the wait between Game of Thrones episodes. Next season, Season 8, is the last one.) In terms of upcoming goodies, here’s what’s on the horizon for myself:Game of Thrones Season 7 soundtrack CDSpider-Man blu-rayDunkirk blu-ray HP Lovecraft Canterbury Classics leather-bound

Tolkien Companion and Guide Revised Boxed Set by Hammond + Scull (I missed out on the original release, or found out too late, so I’m glad this new one is coming out and will get it)

A few random treat beers

Some Boxing Day spending (ultimately, things I really want under the tree that I may not get) Could also include various ebooks (
Earthsea, The Complete Zimiamvian, The Book of Swords, Edgedancer, etc.) The next videogames I want are Shadow of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn, both on PS4. HOWEVER, I want, and am waiting for, the ‘complete’ (“Game of the Year”) editions for both. Now I’ll talk a bit about books before I end the post.

I plan on re-reading the following titles:
His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, and A Song of Ice and Fire. The Book of Dust (Book 1) is coming out shortly, however, thanks to some authors like George R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss (not a complaint, just observing long wait times between installments), I now wait for book series to be completed before buying them. So, I’ll wait for The Book of Dust (Part 3) from Philip Pullman, or a possible boxed set. I don’t even know, at this point, if Parts 2 and 3 are written yet and just need to be published, or if he still needs to write them. I’ll re-read the original trilogy before I read the side trilogy.
For Ice and Fire, I believe I finished reading Book 5 back in 2012 sometime. Because I’ve seen most (all?) of the show between when Books 5 and 6 are published, and due to differences from screen to text, I am in need of a refresher because a) the books and the show are different and b) it’s been awhile since I’ve read the books that are out. So, I intend to re-read Books 1-5 (regardless of when Book 6 publishes), the day after the final episode of Game of Thrones. Hopefully, if Book 6 isn’t out by the time I finish Book 5 of that re-read, it shouldn’t be too much longer. Ideally, I’d love to be able to go 1-6 in this re-read, with Book 6 being read for the first time after I finish Book 5.
In the meantime for reading, I’ll finish off The Annotated Hobbit, then read Exploring the Hobbit, then after that, who knows! Though I am eyeing some of my mythology books. And that’s it for the update!

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