July 5, 2017

The Legend of Zelda: Master Trials [Trial of the Sword] Hints and Tips

So I won't spoil or give anything away here, but I was one of the lucky, or first few, to complete The Trial of the Sword, part of the new DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I managed to complete it on July 2nd. I didn't do it my first attempt, either. Due to my experience of trying it a few times, as well as how I play the game, I have general hints to help any who may still be struggling, as well as those who have yet to make an attempt:

- practice cooking. I'm sure you know how to cook, but I'm saying this so you can practice getting the most out of what you put into your dishes, as well as types of dishes. Just remember that a dish can't have two 'effects'.
- When possible, use your bombs. This will keep your weapons strong and going. Also, bombs are useful for fighting, as well as knocking over trees.
- knock over as many trees as you can. You'll get acorns and apples, which you can later cook with.
- thoroughly check each section before moving onto the next. In the final trials, I had a total of 9 Ancient Arrows. You can too, if you search hard enough.
- practice shield-parrying against Guardians. With your weakest shield, it's possible to one-shot the stationary variety with a successful deflection.
- try and save any ancient arrows you get for really though foes....such as lynels and Guardians
 - make sure you have Bombs+ and Stasis+. Stasis+ is great for un-horsing mounted foes, as well as temporarily freezing some foes for you to get 'that' shot in.
- try to 'pull' singular enemies towards you
- take your time, and carefully observe each room (floor, whatever) before you proceed.
- use the mid-air effect with your bow when possible. This allows for greater aim, which in turn saves you arrows, and weapon durability.
- do your best not to get hit. Weapons and arrows seem plentiful enough. But clothes, not so much.
- the trial is somewhat a mix of Eventide Island, and the all-star mode from Smash Bros, to give you an idea. You bring nothing with you, and come out with nothing, in terms of items you find. HOWEVER: before you begin the Trial, choose the Rito-down bed, or the full spa treatment to get additional hearts and stamina. ALSO, make and eat a dish that grants high defense seconds before starting the trial to give yourself a boost. These effects will still be active upon beginning of the trial.

Be patient, use your wits and your head, and best of luck!!

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