July 4, 2017

Canada 150 Weekend

Well this weekend was quite a blast.

Lots of cities this past weekend were hosting large extravagant events for Canada 150 (the 150th anniversary of our country becoming a country). However, to the vast amount of traffic, as well as the fact that my lady and I missed out on The Epic New Year's Party, we decided to keep it small(er) and hang around the neighbourhood.

Some really good friends of the family (I consider them family, in fact) hosted their annual Canada Day BBQ Pool Party which they've been doing for the most part since they got their pool put in.....geez, quite a few years ago now. It was loads of fun.

Thanks to Red racer's two mix packs, Across the Nation (East and West) I took a drinking tour of Canada! I went from West to East. Sunday was recovery day (which should be renamed unofficially to Day of the Dead) and Monday was just lounging around. Today was back to reality.

So thank you Canada, and here's to another 150 years.

Oh, and that 150 logo? "The official emblem of the sesquicentennial was designed by Ariana Cuvin, a then-19-year-old student in the University of Waterloo's global business and digital arts program. It consists of 13 multi-coloured diamonds forming a maple leaf; Cuvin stated that the four diamonds forming the emblem's base represented Canada's four original provinces, while the others represented the provinces and territories that had joined since. The government officially described the emblem as reflecting Canada's unity and diversity."

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