May 4, 2017

SWCU: The Star Wars Cinematic Universe

Today, as you may well know is "May the Fourth." Which, I get - it's a silly play play on words, or sounds like someone has a lisp. You see, Star Wars (or, Star Wars: Episode IV) did NOT come out on May 4, but May 25 instead.

Anyway, this year, this month, in fact Star Wars turns 40.

As we know, Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise, much the same in how they own Marvel. There have been a few projects already (Star Wars: Episode VII, Star Wars: Rebels, Rogue One, the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VIII, Han Solo and Star Wars: Episode IX), plus a few others in the works.

A few months ago, it was revealed that there is about 15 years of Star Wars movies ahead of us. Upon hearing this, I got reminded of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, and calling the new 'Disney owns star Wars', the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, or SWCU.

I am curious to see what these post-Episode IX projects will be. I'm expecting a few more spin-off films here and there, but most importantly I'm also expecting another trilogy. Will that new trilogy be Episode X, Episode XI and Episode XII? [I wanted to write that out to see how'd it look.], and take place about 30-4 years after Star Wars: Episode IX? Or will it truly be a prequel trilogy, taking place during the Old Republic era? Heck, it could even take place about 30-40 years before Star Wars: Episode I, and setup the main franchise as we know it. The possibilities are somewhat endless. Rogue One showed us that's possible to revisit old territory in a new way, and at a different angle. 

So what would you like to see post-Episode IX, as part of the next 'phase' of the SWCU??

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