February 13, 2017

Tolkien 2017 Wish List

2017 may already be set in stone for Harper Collins and their Tolkien publications. Assuming that it isn't, here are some things that would be neat to come out. There are a few events of note: Tolkien's 125th birthday, the 80th anniversary of The Hobbit and the 40th anniversary of The Silmarillion. I've sort of made a "wishlist" or a "wouldn't it be nice?" post of some items I think would be neat to see, as well as what some items would contain.

So let's get to it...

The Hobbit: 80th anniversary edition illustrated by Alan Lee

- transparent slipcase
- re-scanned paintings
- chalk-white paper
(original text?)
- unjacketed book: the iconic image of Smaug on the front cover, Gandalf leaving the company at Mirkwood on the back cover
- Thror's map as front endpaper [reverse of board] and Map of Wilderland as rear endpaper [reverse of board]
- 1/4 bound burgundy ["spine colourization"]
- ribbon marker bound in [same coloour as the 1/4 binding]
- dimensions would match the 60th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings illustrated by Alan Lee

The Silmarillion: 40th anniversary edition illustrated by Ted Nasmith

- transparent slipcase
- re-scanned paintings
- all of Ted Nasmith's artwork from The Silmarillion (1998 and 2004) included
- the most recent, and accurate, text setting of The Silmarillion [including Tolkien's letter]
- chalk-white paper
- unjacketed book: the iconic image of Maglor casting a Silmaril into the Sea on the front cover, Beren and Luthien being flown to safety on the back cover.
- features the full-colour map of Beleriand (and the lands to the North) on the endpapers. (This one also appeared in the 1998 edition)
- 1/4 bound bright terra cotta ["spine colourization"]
- ribbon marker bound in [same colour as the 1/4 binding]
dimensions would match the 60th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings illustrated by Alan Le

"The Annotated Silmarillion" or "The Silmarillion Reader's Comapnion"

This is somewhat based on the fact that there is an Annotated Hobbit, as well as a Reader's Companion to The Lord of the Rings. a similar book in either vein would be welcome for The Silmarillion.

"The Art of the Silmarillion"

We've had The Art of the Hobbit and The Art of the Lord of the Rings; so naturally, it may be possible to do "The Art of the Silmarillion." Question is, if there's enough content to make a book dedicated to Silmarillion related artwork by Tolkien himself.

So those are the books that I feel are "missing" or it would be great if they existed. There isn't too much else I can think of that I would want to publish. My other wish would be The Fall of Gondolin, edited by Christopher Tolkien and illustrated by Alan Lee.

That basically sums up what would be neat to see from Harper Collins this year...or at some point. 

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