January 1, 2017

End of Yuletide 2016

Well, another Yuletide has come and gone. What a great one it's been! There was nothing in particular I was asking for, or after. I am in dire need (no longer) for PJs and cozies. Some of my first ever pairs are starting to go, so it was time to retire a few of them. Plus, the winter / Christmas beer is always great to get.

I think of, and celebrate, Yuletide from the first day of winter until the 2nd of Jan. This essentially marks New Year's Day the final day of the winter holidays. During this time I follow sports the most often within a short period, as I am actually able to watch a few hockey games. This is due to relatives having cable and sports packages - the only "TV" I'd pay for. The World Juniors are always great hockey, as are a few games here and there in the NHL. More on sports later.....

So, apologies I haven't been blogging as much lately. Work, plus getting ready for Yuletide, including travel, has been taking away some time. I've also been reading a little bit more often as well. I didn't get around to finishing a few books before 2016 ended, however that means I'll finish them off in the first weeks of 2017.

I also got around to seeing Rogue One, which will get a review shortly. So, now that the holidays are over, it's time to catch up...... Because of that,, the first few posts of 2017 [this month,of course] will be about a few aspects of 2017 I look forward to. Not to brag, but I may also do a gift recap, covering what I got under the tree for those curious. I'll also mention things I want this year, as well.....

Hope you all had a great Yuletide as well. The next day I look forward to will be Robert Burns Day!

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