January 4, 2017

A Few More Details About the Revised Tolkien Companion and Guide

The original set from 2006.
In late 2016, it was revealed that the ultimate Tolkien resource by Wayne G. Hammond & Christina Scull was being revised and republished.

The Tolkien Companion and Guide is set to be re-published [updated and revised] in the fall of 2017. The original set, is comprised of two books: Chronology and Reader's Guide. The new set, is so expanded, that it will now be three instead.

Why I'm doing up this quick little post, is that there are a few ways [and ISBN's] that you can get the revised set later this year.


The J. R. R. Tolkien Companion and Guide : Boxed Set"
ISBN: 9780008214548
Publication Date: 9780008214517
Publication Date:

Publication Date: 30 Nov 2017

So it appears that the Reader's Guide has gotten to be so large, that it's getting two books. This is of course going by the fact that it goes "Volume X: Part Y" in the current titling format.

Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull are among the most knowledgeable Tolkien scholars; as they have proven their expertise time and again throughout the years.

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