January 6, 2017

2017: Wishlist

As part of my “2017 Series”, I will examine which things I am hoping to get, as well as save up for the year. Each year, I usually ‘treat’ myself to a somewhat large financial purchase. So, I’m going to look ahead and tell you what I want to get this year. This is essentially a birthday and Christmas wishlist for 2017.

There aren’t that many I’m looking to get this year, surprising enough. It’s time to start reading what I own! If The Winds of Winter comes out this year, I’m definitely getting that.

- Beowulf by The Folio Society [I’d love town this special edition of Beowulf]

- A Middle-earth Traveler (Sketches From Bag End to Mordor) by John Howe [ISBN: 
9780008226770] (To be published Oct. 5.) [it sounds like a john Howe Lord of the Rings sketchbook….]
- The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts [just in time for the new game coming out on wii u! Also, I own Hyrule Historia, so this will match it!]

- A Feast of Ice and Fire [I have the other cookbooks by the same author: the Warcraft one and the Shire one. This one’s all that’s missing. I wonder if there will be an updated one once the books or the show ends….?]

- Through the Eyes of the Vikings: An Aerial Vision of Arctic Lands  by Robert Haas [saw the Viking exhibit at my local museum and I should have grabbed this book!]


This is the stuff that doesn’t really fit into a category.

- Ottawa Redblacks jersey

- Ottawa Redblacks [Grey Cup Champions?] t-shirt (red)

- Ottawa Redblacks tickets
- Team Canada Jersey

- cozies (pants + shirt combo)

- Beau's Pint Glass [need a beer glass from one of my fav breweries!]

- Beau's B-Side Brewing Label t-shirt [my fav t-shirt they currently sell] 

- NES Classic *AND* NES Classic Controller [I’m in no hurry to get this, but I’ll make the effort any time I know they’ll go on sale.] 
- Shrine of Talos statue [Talos is central to the story of Skyrim, and this statue is pretty sweet looking.]
-  Batman Rebirth Symbol t-shirt

- Dawn of Justice Batman t-shirt 

Some vinyl LPs that I’d love to get.
- Hero of Time 

- The Rolling Stones: Blue and Lonesome 

Some breweries that I like, whose beers can be bought at LCBO.

- St Bernardus
- Muskoka

- Beau's

- Chimay

- Innis & Gunn
- Belhaven

- Fuller's

These will help me get a few things for the house [such as full sized ‘proper’ bookcases], get some clothes, or to help pay for Netflix, game son Steam, or music on iTunes.

- Home Depot

- Lowe's
- Jysk

- Canadian Tire

- Eddie Bauer

- Banana Republic / GAP

- Netflix

- Steam
- iTunes


There are two things I’m specifically saving my own up for in terms of “big purchases” this year – I want to build a stereo system [receiver, 2 speakers (maybe with a sub) and turntable] and I’d like to get an ASUS ROG laptop. For the ASUS ROG, I’ll grab it on ‘Back to school’, Black Friday or Boxing Day….if I have enough funds. It may have to wait a year because of that. But I’d love to get myself set up with a brand new stereo set this year at some point.

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